Fabulous Friday Finds: KATE CC Lip Cream N

A while back, I introduced one of my favorite lip products, Canmake’s Stay-On Balm. Well, I’m here with something that’s even better. While browsing the overflowing aisles of the budget store Picasso (Don Quijote’s smaller sister brand), I picked up two shades of KATE’s brand new lip cream, CC Lip Cream N (CCリップクリームN).

Fabulous Friday Finds: Lollipop Smart Baby Camera

For just under a month, I’ve been using the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera. I appreciate this latest addition to my arsenal of things that make mom-ing a monster just a bit easier. I was instantly attracted to its sleek yet whimsical and cute design. Colorful, compact, and stylish are probably not the first words that …