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FREE EBook – The 10 Best Japanese Superfoods For Babies and Toddlers

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As a first-time mom, there’s plenty of stuff I swore I’d never do. But, nearly 17 months into this journey, I’m breaking all my rules. I preach the wonders of babywearing. And, when it comes to baby food, I’m pretty much a crunchy granola mom carefully reading all the labels and preparing (most of) my own food.

Yes, I’m all about BLW, or baby-led weaning. It’s a messy job, but eventually the monster is gonna have to learn to eat by herself right? Might as well get her familiar with holding utensils, right?
In fact, little Kaiju is a foodie in training. Check the “BLW” Highlight on my Instagram profile, and you’ll see all the adventures that we have at the table.

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I enjoy introducing new foods to the monster, but I also rely on “superfoods” to make sure she gets all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that her growing body needs.
Japanese cuisine, in particular, is full of superfoods which reflect a delicious harmony between nature, humans, and the kitchen table. Living in Japan has changed my food palate and has inspired me to make healthy food choices for myself and my family.
Learn about Japanese cuisine and Japanese superfoods in my eBook, The 10 Best Japanese Superfoods For Babies and Toddlers. 

You can get your copy of my eBook for FREE by clicking on the above image to download! Happy reading!

NOTE: The information in this eBook is meant as an introduction to Japanese cuisine. It is not intended to be, nor should it be interpreted as a replacement for professional nutritional advice. Always discuss the introduction of any new foods with your child’s doctor.

FREE EBook – The 10 Best Japanese Superfoods For Babies and Toddlers

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