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Gift Shopping at Wanawana Kurashi in Arcakit Kinshicho Daiso

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I recently discovered a Daiso store has a FANTASTIC Japan-themed corner. It’s  called Wanawana Kurashi (わ菜和なKURASHI | わなわなくらし).  Here’s my photo-heavy guide to gift shopping at Wanawana Kurashi in Arcakit Kinshicho Daiso.




(Apparently it’s been open since October 7, 2016. Since I hardly ever go to Kinshicho, I had no idea!)

Wanawana Kurashi carries everything from home goods, stationery, lifestyle and more. All items in this area are 100 yen unless marked otherwise. This is not a separate store. Therefore, you pay for all Wanawana Kurashi items and regular Daiso items at the same register.
Arcakit Kinshicho Daiso is huge (one entire floor) but you can find a map of the store inside the shopping baskets. It also accepts IC cards and credit cards, too!


Old-School Toys: Yo-Yo, Koma (spinning tops), & Marbles…

Card games, Kendama (again) & Kaleidoscopes


Okame Masks & Banners for Home/Business Entranceway

More Banners and Paper Lanterns

Japanese Dolls

Solar Powered Manaki Neko

Menu/Sign Holders Classic Sweets

Dish Sponges





Soup Bowls

Bowls For Ramen, Udon and Donburi


Chopstick Rests



All purpose cloth that can be used for drying hands or dishes, decorating, using as a table runner, etc

Washi Tape and Stickers

Cloth Scraps For Crafting and Scrapbooking

Tiny Envelopes (Puchi Bukuro)


Hair Accesories

Paper Fans


Seasonal Decorations

BONUS: Tanuki Statues

Statues of tanuki, Japan’s balls out raccoon dog, have an auspicious meaning. “Tanuki” also means to surpass others (ta no nuku | 他を抜く). This is why you’ll see them in front of restaurants and even in front of cram schools.

Can’t Make It To Kinshicho?

It’s still worth it to check out your nearest Daiso for Japan-themed gifts and trinkets. Check out this article (a translation) I wrote for Live Japan:
Don’t Leave Japan Without Buying These 10 Items At Daiso Harajuku

Wanawana Kurashi


Arcakit Kinshicho is located just outside of the North Exit of Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line . Take either the blue or yellow one.

Arcakit Kinshicho, 7F
2-2-1 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00-21:00

Gift Shopping at Wanawana Kurashi in Arcakit Kinshicho Daiso

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