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Hydrangea Walk in Downtown Tokyo

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I hereby declare the unofficial start of the rainy season after my hydrangea walk in downtown Tokyo!
Japan is still riding on the high of the new Reiwa era. So,  I also declare it to be the start of “the first rainy season of the Reiwa era.”

Just watch, from now until April 30, 2020, everything will be “the first xxx of Reiwa (令和初の | reiwa hatsu no): summer holidays, Halloween, Christmas, graduations…
I took all these photos of hydrangea while I walked around Otemachi, the downtown business area home to many of Japan’s newspapers. (I was on my way to an event; will be sharing about it later on Instagram.) It’s also near the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi, another business district surrounding Tokyo Station.

The bloom of hydrangeas (紫陽花 | ajisai) coincide with the rainy season (梅雨 | tsuyu or 梅雨 | baiu). Their bright clusters of colorful flowers bring cheer to otherwise gloomy days in June.

I always enjoy seeing the different colors and variations, which come from the levels of acidity in soil.

Because Otemachi is a business district, it was near deserted when I visited around noon. In fact, even the coffee shops and restaurants were all closed! It worked out in my favor because I could take photos (and selfies) without getting in the way.

For more about hydrangeas and the rainy season in Japan, check out last year’s hydrangea hike in Izu Oshima as well as my article on hydrangeas and temple hopping in Kamakura on In Japan.

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