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Japanese/English Baby Names For Boys and Girls

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No, I don’t have baby fever! I’m currently writing a post about the cost of childbirth in Japan and got to thinking about a list of Japanese/English baby names for boys and girls.
This is by no means a definitive list. I just wanted to share some ideas based on the names of students I’ve taught over the years and the intense name search for little Kaiju in the months leading up to her birth.
A work in progress that will be update periodically, this list of Japanese/English baby names for boys and girls is  a mix of “western” names as well as Japanese names that I think would work well abroad and in Japan.

Points to keep in mind:

This list does not include any kanji suggestions as the meaning of a name can change greatly based on kanji used.
Even if you take the phonetic approach and choose kanji based on its sound, you might open up a can of worms. For example, “Diana” could be phonetically expressed as 大穴, but why would you want to name your child “Big Hole”?
But, most importantly, stroke count/balance between the given name and family name is extremely important. You might not care, but perhaps your in-laws or partner does (mine did)! If you’re unsure, just ask them. (If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Reiwa!)


Adam (あだむ | adamu)
Aiden (えいでん | eiden)
Akira (あきら | akira)
Byron (ばいろん | bairon)
Eito (えいと | eito)
Eiji (えいじ | eiji)
Hiro (ひろ | hiro)
Hugh (ひゅ | hyu)
Isaiah (いざや | izaya)
John (じおん | jion)
Kei (けい | kei)
Ken (けん | ken)
Kent (けんと | kento)
Kevin (けびん | kebin)
Leo (りお or れお | rio or reo)
Leon (りおん or れおん | rion or reon)
Louis/Luis/Rui (るい or るいす | rui or ruisu)
Mark (まるこ | mark)
Matthew (またい | matai)
Micheal (まいける | maikeru)
Mike (まいく | maiku)
Noah (のあ | noa)
Thomas/Tomas (とます | tomasu)
Tom (とむ | tomu)
Tony (とに | toni)
Ray (れい | rei)
Ron (ろん | ron)
Rick (りく | riku)
Yu (ゆう | yuu)


Ai ( あい | ai)
Ailee (Airi | あいり)
Ali (あり | ari) )
Amy (えいみ | Ami or Eimi)
Ann (あん | An)
Ana/Anna (あな | Ana)
Akari (あかり | akari)
Akira (あきら | akira)
Cara (から | kara)
Elisa (えりさ | erisa)
Ella (えら | era)
Emily (えみり | emiri)
Emma (えま | ema)
Erika/Erica (えりか | erika)
Erin (えりん | erin)
Hannah/Hana (はな | hana)
Irene (あいりん | airin)
Julia (じゅりあ | juria)
Julie (じゅり | juri)
June (じゅん | jun)
Karen (かりん or かれん | karin or karen)
Kiera (きえら | kiera)
Kimberly (きんばりい | kinbarii)
Kimmy (きみ | kimi)
Kylie (かいり | kairi)
Leah (りあ |ria)
Lena (れな | rena)
Lily (りり | riri)
Lynn (りん | rin)
Mary (めあり | meari)
Maria (まりあ | maria)
Maya (まや | maya)
Mia (みあ | mia)
Milla (みら | mira)
Mona (もな | mona)
Monica (もにか | monica)
Naomi (なおみ | naomi)
Nina (にな | nina)
Olivia (おりびあ | oribia)
Rita (りた | rita)
Rhea (りあ | ria)
Ruby (るび | rubi)
Rose (ろーず | ro-zu)
Sara/Sarah/Sarah (さら | sara)
Samantha (さまんさ | samansa)
Serena (せれな or せりな | serena or serina)
Sophia (そひあ or そふぃあ | sohia or sofia)
Tammy (たみ | tami)
Tara (たら | tara)
Tiffany (てぃふぁに | tifani)
Zoe (ぞい | zoi)

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