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Make Your Mornings Easier With These Products From Japan

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I can describe my weekday mornings in 5 words: C-H-A-O-S.

OK, fine that’s 5 letters, but my point still stands — there’s not enough time in the day, let alone on a Monday morning — for me to catch my breath.

And, with my husband back to work now that his paternity leave is over, it’s a race against the clock (and to be first in the bathroom!).

Did I mention we also have to get the monster ready for school, which means changing diapers, feeding, dressing, applying her skin rash creams, taking her temperature, and writing a report for her teachers in her daycare notebook.

(I’m serious. Everything gets recorded when your kid goes to Japanese daycare: what she ate for dinner and breakfast, how long she slept, how many times she nursed the night before, and did she poop or not. This is addition to any comments about her progress and growth!)

By the way, did I mention that Kokuto needs to go out for his morning walk?

Yeah. Mornings are busy at the Wada household.

Luckily for me, I’ve got several Japanese products in my arsenal to help me get ready in 15 minutes. 

Here’s how I simplify my morning routine without sacrificing my beauty and skin care. 

Saborino Morning Mask

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As soon as I wake up, I head straight for my Saborino Morning Masks. While the 60 second, 3-in-1, face wash, toner and moisturizing mask is doing its thang, I’m off to the kitchen to prep the monster’s breakfast and lunch bag. After I rub in the leftover essence on my face and neck, it’s time for my next step: primer.

Anessa Sunscreen

This stuff is pricey, and so popular that most drugstores in Japan don’t even physically stock it on shelves; you have to take a card to the cash register.

That’s is why it’s taken me so long to take the plunge — and I like, no LOVE this stuff! It’s a SPF50+ PA++++  milky sunscreen that goes on smooth, not greasy and it leaves an almost powdery finish.

The floral/citrus scent is a welcome change from traditional sunscreens. It doesn’t sting my eyes or leave them a red, stinging watery mess.

My only problem is that it’s by Shiseido, which I have found out recently is NOT cruelty-free (because they sell in China). Still this remains my favorite Japanese sunscreen, hands down.


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KATE The Base Zero Powdery Skin Maker Liquid Foundation

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I used the drugstore brand KATE back in my gyaru days and have switched back after using M.A.C. A big reason for my return is The Base Zero. It just came out in February 2018 and it’s a revolutionary lightweight liquid formula dries like a powder. It seemed gimmicky when I bought it, but it certainly lives up to its hype.



KATE Designing Eyebrow

After years of over-plucking and shaving my eyebrows for the gyaru look, my hairs are finally growing in.

I’ve tried all kinds of looks, including the Korean “straight” eyebrow, but I’m looking to define my brows without overpowering my face.

Shaping them is still a work in progress, so I like the control and natural look that this I get with this set.



Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara  

I’d love to get eyelash extensions (I used to actually) but until it hit the lottery jackpot, I’ll stick with Heroine Volume & Curl Mascara.

It’s a heavy-duty ultraproof formula yet it’s so lightweight that my eyelashes stay curled all day long.



LB Power Of Liquid Eyeliner

This. Stuff. Doesn’t. Budge. The super-defined brush lets me get super close to the lash line so I can define my eyes for a very natural look.


LB パワーオブアイライナーリキッド ブラウンブラック 2
価格:1080円(税込、送料別) (2018/8/6時点)



Canmake Cream Cheek Tint

This product is actually a cream blush, but who has time to rummage around their makeup bag for 5 different products?

I switched to this cream blush by Canmake and haven’t looked back since. My lids are already primed thanks to Aneesa Sunscreen so I just use my fingers to sweep across my lids, and I’m done.

While I have leftover Canmake Cream Cheek Tint blush on my fingertips,I just apply the first to my cheeks for a fresh dewy look.

Cream blush can be trickier to apply compared to powder blush, so even if I’m in a rush, I make sure to carefully apply the color so I don’t look overdone.



Canmake Stay-On Balm

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Another Canmake selection in my morning beauty routine is this Stay-On Balm. I had the hardest time choosing a color so in the end I picked a neutral tone.

Stay-On Balm is great because it’s tined like a lipstick but has the shine of a lip gloss. It’s also a balm (hence the name) that nourishes and protects lips from chapping, drying, dullness and, harmful UV rays.



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