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18 Professional And Personal Goals for 2018

I’m a big planner, a quality that helps tremendously as a teacher. From planning a yearly curriculum to hashing out the minutes of a field trip, it all comes naturally to me. Yet, when it comes to life outside the classroom, things aren’t so easy to predict.
Nevertheless, it’s a brand new year, and the perfect time to reflect on the past, relish the present, and prepare for the future.

[This post was originally published in January, but then my blog had technical difficulties. I’ve reached some of my goals, but sill have a long ways to go!]
Here’s a look at my 18 resolutions for 2018. It’s a mix of professional and personal goals. Let’s see how many I can accomplish this year!

Increase my monthly freelance income

I’m open to all avenues of additional revenue, whether it’s by working with more Japan-related websites, pursuing contracts with local businesses or monetizing my blog/Instagram.
Truthfully, I’d like to double my current monthly income so I can get close to my previous full-time teaching salary. If i can make a living staying relatively at home and working on own schedule, why not?

Travel more with baby

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In the spring we’ll be back in the USA to visit her American grandmother, but I want to do a mommy-daughter shopping trip in Seoul, Korea, as well as exploring a bit of Europe and meeting my Austrian mom, too!

See more of Japan

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After a visit to Pearl Harbor, I felt that I should make a visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After putting it off for so many years, it’s time to make it happen. I’ve also never been to Shikoku, so I want to check out the region, as well as other areas of Japan.

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Land a government contract

My first translation project (for a Japanese travel company, Heartland Japan) was a challenge, but I am very surprised that I pulled it off.
There are so many hidden gems out there waiting to be discovered, but there is a serious lack of English language materials available. My portfolio logo is “Bringing Japan Closer To You,” and I’m determined to make that happen!

See a panda

I really want to say, “Go to Chengdu, China and volunteer at the Panda Sanctuary,” but I need to be realistic here! The monster loved seeing baby Xiang Xiang on the news, so I wanted to take her to Ueno Zoo to see Xiang Xiang in person. But, I wasn’t selected for the Ueno Zoo lottery. Somehow, I definitely want her to see a real panda!

Take more photos and videos with baby

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She’s already a year old and won’t be a baby for much longer! I used to wonder why moms put breastfeeding videos and photos up, but I totally get it. (1) Public nursing should be normalized and (2) nursing babies are so darn adorable! One of my favorite moments of 2017 was bonding with my sister in law over how cute a nursing baby looks!

Return to my fashion roots

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Working fashion retail and doing part-time modeling in Japan is an experience I will never forget. As part of expanding my writing portfolio and connecting with more clients (as well as pampering myself), I want to get back into experimenting with makeup and nail art. I even bought a ton of cruelty-free makeup from ColourPop and can’t wait to show off my haul.

Take a family vacation

The husband is on paternity leave, but it won’t last forever. Once he starts working again, it will be difficult to plan a vacation. I’d love for us to visit someplace warm and family friendly place like Oahu, Hawaii or Singapore. But, again, being realistic, a trip to our favorite dog friendly onsen in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture will have to do.

Write confidently in Japanese!

While my reading, speaking, and listening skills are fine, writing is challenging, especially when sending business emails. I end up doubting myself and double check every single kanji and every single particle. It’s time consuming and I end up being right 95% percent of the time anyway.

Launch e-book

I’m working on an e-book about baby led weaning and recipes. I’ve never done an e-book, I don’t know anything about pricing, publishing, or advertising, but I will trust in my idea. It’s a project with a learning curve that will give me skills that I can put into more projects for clients.

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Launch “mama box”

There’s a lot of beauty boxes and whatnot for moms and I’m working against a lot of competition. Again, all I have is an idea, but if I get doubting myself, I’ll never get started. It’s now or never.

Visit more dog friendly restaurants and shopping malls

Kokuto gets left behind a lot, and I want to change that. It’s the Year of the Dog, after all! I used to live in Nishi-Shinjuku. Despite the skyscrapers, Shinjuku Central Park was only 10 minutes away and Tokyo Opera City and Park Hyatt had dog OK restaurants. Yoyogi Park and its dog run was 25 minutes away. Plus. Kokuto and I often walked to Little Seoul in Shin-Ogikuo. There were even a few beauty shops that let me bring Kokuto inside the store!

Take baby swimming classes

Little Kaiju can already walk, and she just turned 11 months old. She’s got a lot of energy that I would love to channel into something productive. The local gym has weekly swimming classes that I think would be perfect for her. I am worried about her skin since she has a bit of eczema.

Brush up on my Korean

I’m a master of haggling at Korean night markets  but when it comes to everyday conversation, I’m lost. I want to stop by my favorite spicy chicken restaurant and catch up with the owners – I haven’t been there since December 2015!

Reach out more on Twitter and Pinterest

When it comes to social media, Instagram is my thing. I get it. Twitter I use to keep up with baseball news and clapbacks from J.K. Rowling and Chrissy Teigen.
I was honored to be of help to the Kween Chrissy Teigen as she searched for bras in Tokyo. Now, whether she actually read my comment, I don’t know, but I like to believe she’s one of the Twitter users who liked my Tweet. I’m trying to avoid the weird/creepy parts of Twitter, all while connecting with other bloggers and Japan explorers.

Collaborate with Japan-based YouTube vlogger

I’d never done video/vlog before, I don’t even do Instagram Live Stories. But, I’d like to reach out to an up and coming user and do some Tokyo exploring or just help them map out a travel itinerary.

Collaborate with local Japanese businesses/restaurants/shops

I want to help small businesses tap into the growing number of inbound tourists. I can do something as simple as translating/proofreading menus and brochures or even creating a brand new English version website.

Reach 10K followers on Instagram

This is a vanity project only because (1) I want to see if its possible without cheating (buying followers, doing follow/unfollow); (2) I’m tired of writing, “Link in bio” in my Instagram Stories. With 10+K followers, people will be able to simply swipe up on My Story to access a link to my blog, a recent article I wrote, or access a business web site.

18 Professional And Personal Goals for 2018

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