5 Baby And Toddler-Friendly Destinations In East Tokyo

Tokyo has been my home for the past 10+ years. And, as much as I love this city, it can be hard to find baby-friendly places that are easy to access. Here’s a look at 5 of my favorite baby and toddler destinations in my side of Tokyo.

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Shinjuku Isetan 6th Floor

The only central Tokyo location on this list is the 6th floor of Shinjuku Isetan. Getting to the city can be a hassle, so once I’m in Shinjuku I don’t have the energy to explore.
What I like about the 6th floor of Shinjuku Isetan is that it’s a self-contained baby-toddler-parent paradise. I can hardly believe I’m in a fancy shopping mall — until I see the prices of some of the baby clothes!
How to get there: 5-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station or 1-minute walk from exit B4 or B5 Shinjuku Sanchome Station.

Kameari Airo

Ario is a brand of shopping/dining/entertainment complex managed by 7 & i Holdings, the company behind 7-Eleven convenience stores and the supermarket chain Ito Yokado.
Given their size, Ario tend to be located 5 to 10 minutes away from their nearest train station. But, most Ario have complimentary shuttle service from their nearest train station.
Ario often have spacious baby rooms as well as a Kids’ Town, a padded play area, and an Akachan Honpo for buying all your maternity and baby/toddler needs.

How to get there: Take the free shuttle bus from JR Kameari Station.

Sogo Recreation Park

Sogo Recreation Park is often overlooked for its down the street neighborhood, Kasai Rinkai Park. I mean, it’s easy to see why— Kasai Rinkai Park is one of Tokyo’s largest parks. It has an aquarium, a giant Ferris wheel, a bird sanctuary, beaches, and so much more.

Because Sogo Recreation Park doesn’t have the fancy attractions (and giant parking lots) of Kasai Rinkai park, it’s actually the perfect nature destination in east Tokyo.

There’s a Family Mart right next to the park, so buy a few drinks and snacks and have a mini picnic with your little one in the rose garden.
Summertimes are also fun because the park’s main fountain becomes a wading pool for cooling down.

How To Get There: From Tokyo Metro Kasai Station, take any bus bound for Kasai Rinkai Park. Get off at Sogo Recreation Garden.

Tokyo Bay Ikea

Who doesn’t like Ikea? The monster and I often went after school when I first returned to the classroom, so it’s a special spot for us.

The cafe, of course, has delicious food and they often have special deals for Ikea Family Members. As a bonus, if you are an Ikea Family member, you can get free baby food at the cashier.

Ikea is also great because they have high chairs, kid utensils, and paper bibs in a special corner of the dining hall. There’s also a nursing room right beyond the tray return conveyor belt.

I also like Ikea because kids can try nearly all of the toys and read books on the second floor, as well as play in the padded play area.

(DISCLAIMER: This one is technically not Tokyo. They changed their name from Funabashi IKEA to Tokyo Bay IKEA to celebrate their 10th anniversary). There’s also an IKEA in Tachikawa, west Tokyo.
How To Get There: Take the free shuttle bus from JR Minami Funabashi station.


(Another one that is technically not in Tokyo, but it’s part of Tokyo Disney Resorts, and is literally right across from Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward, on the opposite side of the Edogawa River.)
I’ve introduced Ikspiari before on the blog, and it still remains one of my favorite baby (excuse me, toddler) date locations.

Ikspiari is a wonderful family and date friendly mall with charmingly tasteful Disney decorations. The Cheshire Cat-inspired nursing room remains one of my favorites in Japan.
Plus it’s got all the food I need — Guzmam Y Gomez, Kua Aina, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, and Gong Cha. What more could I ask for (except a shorter wait time at Gong Cha)?
How To Get There: 1-minute walk from JR Maihama Station

5 Baby And Toddler-Friendly Destinations In Tokyo


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