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7 Japanese Beauty and Fashion Trends to Try in Spring 2019

Spring is the season of change and rebirth and here in Japan, spring 2019 is no exception! The Heisei era will end with the retirement of Emperor Akihito, ushering in a literal new era. Personally, I’m ready to welcome the spring weather and to play around with colors and new styles. I’ve rounded up 7 Japanese beauty and fashion trends to try in spring 2019.


1. Sakura Anything


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Cherry blossoms are a big deal in Japan, so much that the country literally counts down to spring with daily reports of the sakura forecast., the date when the buds are declared officially “open.”
Sakura sweets, drinks, and other treats hit the shelves right after Valentine’s Day, along with sakura themed skincare items. But, these beauty products aren’t just limited to their pretty packaging. They also contain cherry blossom extract, which is an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory.

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2. Shiny Lip Plumpers


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An easy and affordable way to get a fuller pout is with a lip plumper. Actually, I take back the “affordable” part because a lot of the made in Japan plumpers seem to be out of my price range when looking for lip glosses.
However, the ones I’ve tried, like the KAKEHIKI that came in the Raxy Beauty Box for February have a pleasant smell and aren’t irritating. I still have brutal memories of trying Lip Venom in college. Just thinking about the experience makes my lips tingle in fear!

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3. Colorful Eyeliner


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I nearly always stick to nude colors, so I’m a bit hesitant to try some of the eye shadow colors trending in 2019 (green, orange, yellow, and purple) . However, I am obsessed with the range of eyeliner options from Flow Fushi Eye Opening Liner series. I swatch them nearly everyday at Plaza as we walk through the train station shopping mall.
So far they’ve released black, grey, black brown, brown, khaki, burgundy, and purple, with orange, light blue, pink, yellow, and white to be released March 28. I’m definitely picking up a few when it’s JRE Double Point Day!

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4. Mix N Match Skirts


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Don’t want to commit to a seasonal trend but caving into FOMO? Get the best of both worlds with a mix n match skirt (my English translation for 切り替え スカート kirikae skirts) that features a solid and print section.
These skirts are usually midi length and pleated, giving a fun, flirty, and feminine touch to any outfit. Pair with a dress shirt or bracelet sleeve sweater and kitten heels or ankle boots if it’s still chilly out.

5. Large Floral Print


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Florals for spring is hardly groundbreaking. But, this year is all about being loud and proud when celebrating spring. This is another trend that’s slightly out of my comfort zone, as I like to wear things beyond one season. However, I can see myself wearing a skirt like this during the rainy season to bring some good cheer to an otherwise dreary day.
These skirts would also make a nice early summer outfit, complete with a daytrip to the Japanese summertime to see flowers. That could work. Little Kaiju could get her train fix, too!

6. Prairie Inspired High Neck Dresses


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Magazines and shops refer to this style of dress as either “tiered” (ティアード | tia-do) or “stand collar” (スタンドカラー). Trending this year are I have two of these dresses in my Rakuten shopping cart, but I’m just waiting for the 25 the roll around so I can get 5x points along with bonus points from the spring shopping marathon. (Plus, Rakuten Brand Avenue is offering a 20% point back rebate on the dress above!) Since little Kaiju is still nursing (an issue to be addressed much later), these dresses will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe


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7. Two-Tone Shoes


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I’m going to have to change my commute route to work, because there’s so much temptation when walking through the train station! These shows from Oriental Traffic have caught my eye with their bold colors (and reasonable heel). They’re an effortless way to jazz up a Tshirt and jeans outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard.

What do you think about these 7 Japanese beauty and fashion trends to try in spring 2019? 

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