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9 Statement Pieces I’m Wearing This Fall

9 Statement Pieces I’m Wearing In Fall 2019

After getting lots of positive feedback from posting my Japan fashion finds on Instagram, I’ve decided to test the waters of  “lifestyle blogger” territory, by sharing the 9 statement pieces that I’m wearing in fall 2019.

Traditional fall staples are a trench coat, animal prints, tartan skirts and, and sweater dresses. But, I’m spicing up things with versatile (and budget friendly) items that effortlessly upgrade my current wardrobe for amazing #christiangirlfall looks. I’ve made sure to provide links to similar items on Amazon — Enjoy!

*This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase after clicking on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

1. Wooden Watch




Teni W. 🎌Tokyo➖Chiba Lifeさん(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

Until now I’ve only owned one “real” watch, a Citizen gifted from my husband that’s basically three of my favorite things in one: pink gold, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and anything “limited edition.” 

While I love that watch, it’s certainly not the ideal choice for being around little ones. From fall 2019 I’ve added this Robson wooden watch from Canadian brand Tense to my list of accessories drawer. It’s made from 100% recycled Teak wood,  features a black mother of pearl face with gold markers, and comes with a gray Italian leather strap that matches nearly any outfit.

2. Thigh High Boots

I haven’t worth boots this “risque” or with a heel this high since my gyaru days but when I saw these suede thigh high boots on Magaseek, I immediately thought, “WANT!” 

Thigh high boots might evoke images of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but they don’t have to be scandalous. Just tone done the sexiness with a chunky heel and opt for with (faux) suede over PVC/leather. On my days off, I’m styling this pair with midi skirts, oversized sweater dresses or jeans, tshirt, and a felt hat (see entry #3 below). My boots are from Magaseek, but check out this similar option on Amazon.

3. Wide Brim Felt Hat

I posted this hat ONCE on my Insta stories and my inbox was flooded with compliments (thank y’all so much!).

Not only do hats protect you from harsh UV rays, they’re the best fix for a “bad hair day.” Bordeaux is an excellent fall color that suits animal prints and plaids while the felt adds dimension to fabrics like leather, fur, lace. 

My particular hat is from the Japanese brand Gorge via Rakuma (Rakuten’s version of Mericari, Japan’s premier flea market app) but here’s a very very similar style on Amazon.

4. Blouses

Little Kaiju no longer breastfeeds — though she casually let it slip that she nurses sometimes at night when I’m sleeping (no wonder night weaning has been smooth sailing for us!) 

And, because she doesn’t nurse during the day, my wardrobe options are no longer limited! I don’t have to worry about tops that make breastfeeding easy for us when we’re out on the town or having an adventure. 

I discovered my particular blouse at Goodwill, but here’s a similar look on Amazon. I’ll be paring this with my vintage inspired scarf (#5 below).

5. Vintage Scarf





Fellow Japan mama Gizem Andako launched her online shop, Mutena, featuring quality, one-of-a kind pieces crafted by Turkish artisans. I’ve had my eye on these scarves for a while and spoiled myself with one recently.

I love the vintage look and the one I purchased is a very chic design featuring fall foliage and mushrooms, a staple of the Japanese dinner table this time of the year. 

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of mushrooms, but the print of this particular scarf is so undeniably “fall in Japan” that I had to get it. I’ll be wearing this scarf with blouses or as an accent piece on a tote bag or when wearing a trench coat. Since it’s a vintage-inspired piece, I also want to experiment with using this scarf as a headwrap to compliment my natural hair. Shop Mutena here.

6. Black Leather Pencil  Skirt

Another “scandalous” piece that I will be wearing throughout Fall 2019 is a black leather pencil skirt. I’ve seen a lot fashion forward Tokyoites in black leather jackets this month, but I think I’ll have more layering options with a skirt.

Because it’s black, I can pair it with any top and have fun mixing textures: ribbed turtlenecks, cashmere/angora/wool sweaters, denim shirts, chiffon blouses, frilly and lacy tops — the combinations are endless!

I also like to wear this skirt to work! I pair it with a shirt and long cardigan from UNIQLO along with my flat black ankle boots! It’s unexpected but casual and yet stylish. This stylish option on Amazon is faux leather.

7. Denim Lace Jacket

I found this lovely denim jacket with lace, pearl, and jewel accents in Goodwill over the summer. ( In fact, I’m sure this the exact jacket, as the sizing seems to be consistent (mine is a XXL though I usually wear a Medium). Regardless of what the label says, this denim lace jacket is a wonderful “feminine” touch to my wardrobe. I feel sophisticated when I wear this piece in the city! The material has some stretch in it, but I’ve been wearing it with shirts and chiffon dresses to keep it from looking bulky. Get it here.

8. Retro Dresses




Teni W. 🎌Tokyo➖Chiba Lifeさん(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

Back in rotation is the high neck prairie style dress I bought for Spring 2019. I also have an actual vintage piece that I picked up at a second hand shop in Koiwa for just 100 yen. I’m styling these dresses with lacy socks and sandals as well as my trusty flat black ankle boots when temperatures dip. I love this version on Amazon.


9. Silk Room Wear

OK, so this entry isn’t practical for going out. But ever since I watched The Danish Girl, I’ve been obsessing over how I can make my wardrobe more like Lili’s. While I’d love to throw out everything and start anew with vintage/1930s inspired pieces, it’s not very practical. Not to mention wasteful.

I’ve opted instead for this 5 piece silk touch from Rakuten for lounging around the house, and relaxing on the sofa with a cuppa with little Kaiju is sleep. Check out this similar set on Amazon. How cute would those camisoles look paired with an off the shoulder or low cut sweater dress? They’re padded so I don’t need to worry about finding a bra to match the camisole.

These 9 statement pieces I’m wearing in fall 2019 are how I plan to escape the humdrum of my daily jeans and school T-shirt outfit. Next up — my skincare and makeup picks for fall 2019! 

9 Statement Pieces I’m Wearing This Fall

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