Japan Travel With A Toddler: My Top 10 Wanderlust Spots

It’s almost September and cooler temperatures are sneaking up on us (finally!). And while I’m definitely looking forward to pairing lots of delicious savory foods with sweet and hot drinks, I’m also looking forward to completing the rest of my 18 professional and personal goals for 2018. One goal in particular is my passion — travel.
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Fabulous Friday Finds: Lollipop Smart Baby Camera

For just under a month, I’ve been using the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera. I appreciate this latest addition to my arsenal of things that make mom-ing a monster just a bit easier.
I was instantly attracted to its sleek yet whimsical and cute design. Colorful, compact, and stylish are probably not the first words that come to mind when referring to a baby monitor.
But, the Lollipop baby monitor is a certified game changer. Thanks to its design and and easy-to-navigate features, it won the iF Design Award in 2016.
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(Still) Boobin' On 18 Months Later

How wonderful that August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and my little Kaiju is turning 18 months old?
There’s tons of research and literature out there proving the benefits of breastfeeding. But, while I’m over here in Japan where nursing is a given, it’s so so so weird to see #freethenipple, #normalizebreastfeeding, and #blackwomendobreastfeed campaigns all over social media. Even more shocking is all the celebrities voicing their opinions, too.
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