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Best Japanese Lipsticks Worth Trying

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Konnichiwa, lipstick lovers! February calls for a burst of color, and what better way to embrace the month of love than experimenting with the best Japanese lipsticks worth trying?

From vibrant reds inspired by deep crimson leaves  to playful pinks reminiscent of sakura blooms, I’ve curated a list that celebrates both style and quality. 

Read on to discover the best Japanese lipsticks worth trying, all known for their innovative formulas, stunning shades, and, of course, the undeniable touch of Tokyo chic! 

Best Japanese Lipsticks Worth Trying

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Addiction — The Lipstick Bold

Available in 15 bold hues, Addiction The Lipstick Bold packs the hydration of a balm, the shine of a gloss, and the rich pigment of a lipstick.

As a bonus, it’s formulated with 8 types of organic ingredients including Manuka honey to moisturize lips while delivering long-lasting color.

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Canmake — Stay-On Balm Rouge (SPF 11 PA+)

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge is a collection of affordable and delicately tinted balms that offer a subtle touch of color and sheen. 

It contains 10 moisturizing ingredients to nourish even dry, chapped lips and also provides protection against harsh ultraviolet rays.

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Cezanne — Lasting Lip Color N

Cezanne Lasting Lip Color N  is available in 12 shades, and there are several pearlescent and matte finishes. While I’m not one to fawn over packaging, I must admit that I find these lipstick tubes alluring. Look how the gold lettering contrasts with the creamy white finish and embossed flower detailing! 

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Coffret D’or — Skin Syncro Rouge

Infused with moisturizing ingredients for a luscious pout, Coffret D’or Skin Syncro Rouge are brilliant hues that bring out the beauty of your skin. One swipe delivers a blotted-down look while layering swipes adds depth and dimension.

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DHC —  Color Lip Cream

Often overlooked for DHC bestseller  DHC Lip Cream (below), DHC Color Lip Cream is an attractive option if your lips crave the hydration, moisture, and protection of a lip balm and the pigmentation of a lipstick. DHC Color Lip Cream hydrates the lips while infusing a fragrant, long-lasting burst of color.

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DHC — Lip Cream

Prime your lips for long lasting color with this J-beauty staple! DHC Lip Cream is a nourishing blend of virgin olive oil, aloe extract, and Vitamin E. It is also medicated to soothe and heal dry, cracked, and chapped lips. I like to use it as a lipstick primer and night repair treatment, too. 

Try it! Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan

Ettusais — Lip Essence (SPF 18 PA++)

Hydrating lipcare meets beautiful shades in this must-have collection from Ettusais! Lip Essence is a lip serum that prevents lips from becoming dry while offering protection from UV rays. The diagonal applicator fits perfectly to the contours of your lips while adding a faint pink lusture.

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Excel — Lip Velvetist

As its name suggests, Lip Velvetist is a creamy, smooth, semi-matte liquid lipstick with a flawless velvet finish.

Each swipe adds rich elegance to your lips while a nourishing blend of honey, vaseline and argan oil locks in moisture. 

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KATE — Lip Monster Lipstick

The number one lipstick on Amazon Japan is Lip Monster Lipstick by KATE. KATE, by the way, is one of my favorite Japanese makeup brands featured in my post: Japanese Makeup Brands and Japanese Makeup Products You Need To Try. In fact, I’ve been using their liquid foundations and other products for nearly 20 years!

Lip Monster comes in 8 bold, long-lasting colors that seamlessly blend excellence and affordability.

Try it! Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan

Nivea — Rich Care & Color Lip (SPF 20 PA++)

Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip is a glossy lip balm available in 8 sheer tones. This product is highly moisturizing, thanks to its original blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, and macadamia nut oil. Plus it’s also SPF 20 PA++, meaning your delicate lips get mich-needed protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays!

Try it! Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan

Opera — Lip Tint N

I can’t say enough about these super smooth and sheer lip tints! Available in 13 shades, Opera Lip Tint N glides on effortlessly and feather-free. It also keeps lips moist even on the driest days. The antique gold tubing is very elegant and reminiscent of vintage lipstick tubes.

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RMK — The Lip Color

Achieve a radiant finish with these luminous lip shades from The Lip Color by RMK. Neither glossy or matte, these colors perk up the natural color of the lips and complement the skin with a glowing finish.

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Shiseido — VisionAiry Gel Lipstick

Shiseido VisionAry Gel Lipstick is a full-coverage lipstick that packs intense color into a long-lasting, weightless formula. 

The creamy texture glides on like a lipstick but covers like a lipstick without leaving lips feeling dry or tacky.

Try it! Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan

Shu Uemura — Rouge Unlimited Matte

Rouge Unlimited Matte is an iconic collection of 21 breathtaking colors from Shu Uemura.

These are highly pigmented, velvety smooth matte colors formulated with tsubaki (camellia) oil to keep lips moist.

The sophisticated and sleek tube contrasts beautifully with this collection of intense colors ranging from deep reds, browns, and shades of beige.

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SUQQU — Moisture Rich Lipstick

SUQQU is a Japanese makeup brand that incorporates traditional skin care and wellbeing rituals into its products. Its Moisture Rich Lipstick is a sleek fusion of gloss and balm, offering both comfort and style.

The sheer, glossy finish melts into the lips with a nourishing blend of rosehip, grape seed, and apricot kernel oils.

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THREE — Divine Lip Gem

Divine Lip Gem is a collection of 6 glossy hues inspired by the sun’s rays in spring. Though Divine Lip Gem is a moisturizing treatment for lips, each semi-transparent liquid color blends seamlessly for a natural look. Apply directly to bare lips or layer on top of lipstick to add sheen and dimension.

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Recap — Best Japanese Lipsticks Worth Trying

Japanese lipsticks aren’t just beauty essentials, they’re an art form. From traditional elegance to modern chic, each brand brings its own flair to your makeup routine. Whether you’re into bold mattes or prefer a subtle, everyday glow, these Japanese lipsticks will elevate your pout game.

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Best Japanese Lipsticks Worth Trying


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