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Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorté

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Welcome to “The Beauty Files,” where we explore the captivating world of Korean and Japanese skincare and makeup brands. Today, I’m taking you on a virtual shopping trip to discover the best Japanese beauty products from DECORTÉ!

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Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorte

What I love about J-Beauty is the synergy between beauty traditions and cutting-edge scientific research and technology. In true J-beauty style, DECORTÉ product formulations have achieved a delicate balance between traditional Japanese beauty ingredients.and modernity since 1970.

As such, DECORTÉ offers more than superficial enhancement – these products embrace the concept of skincare and makeup as a ritual, a cherished self-care routine that nurtures both the skin and the spirit.

Now, if you’ve been following my beauty journey, you’ll know that my personal motto is “self care through skincare.” I love the routine, the ritual, the dedication and commitment to skincare, which is why I invite you on my journey to discover the best Japanese beauty products from DECORTÉ.

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From DECORTÉ – Skincare

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorté – Skincare

I have an entire series dedicated to anti-aging skincare, and the latest addition to my arsenal is this “Holy Trio” from the DECORTÉ Liposome line. 

What I appreciate about the Japanese approach to anti-aging skincare is it acknowledges that aging is a natural process of life that EVERYONE goes through. So, the Japanese approach is not reversal, but rather acceptance through products that balance nature and science.

One of the major causes of aging skin is the gradual reduction in the natural hydration levels (MOISTURE) of the skin. This occurs due to a combination of external factors such as UV rays, pollution, and air conditioning, as well as internal factors like age and stress.

When our skin’s protective barrier is repeatedly exposed to these elements, it loses its ability to retain moisture effectively. As a result, the skin becomes more prone to issues like dryness, irritation, wrinkles, and uneven tone. 

Here’s where DECORTÉ Liposome products comes into play: 

DECORTÉ has found a way to encapsulate liposomes, the chief element of the cell membrane, so that they penetrate deep into the skin to deliver continuous and long-lasting nourishment, resulting in clear and youthful skin.


Iposome Advanced Repair Serum

liposomes are tiny, as in 50 nm to 10 µm or greater. The award-winning DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR SERUM was created with 30 years of liposome research inspired by regenerative medicine. Basically, it revitalizes skin through cellular repair and regeneration.

This pearlescent milky gel is filled with tiny capsules that are released slowly over time to give the skin a dewy, fresh finish. According to parent company, KOSÉ: “A single squeeze of the pump yields several trillion capsules of serum to intensively moisturize dry areas.

 I have very oily skin, but this product doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. Instead, my face feels plump, hydrated, soft, and glows all day long! I absolutely love how DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR SERUM absorbs so quickly on my skin. It leaves a nice finish to layer on other products.

With that said, normally, I’m not a fan of scented skincare products; However, I do make an exception for anything with a (faint) citrus or matcha scent. This is perhaps why DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR SERUM has quickly become a favorite of mine. While there is a noticeable green tea floral scent, it soothes my skin and mind. I simply can’t get enough of it!

Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan


Iposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum

Paired with the Iposome Advanced Repair Serum, DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR EYE SERUMis now a definite must-have for my morning and evening skincare routine! The formula is non-greasy, super hydrating, and lightweight.

It has ceramides, purple rice bran extract and hydrolyzed rice leaf extract to firm and brighten and moisturize.  As a bonus, it seems to “depuff” my eyes within minutes after application.

As with DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR SERUM there is a noticeable scent; however, it does not irritate the skin around my eye area nor does it make my eyes water.

In regards to packaging, I appreciate that this serum comes in a dispenser bottle rather than a dropper bottle or rollerball-style applicator. This seems more sanitary and gives me more control over product application. The size of the bottle fits perfectly in my hand, and I can easily dispense the right amount of product with one hand. 

Available on Amazon Japan


Iposome Advanced Repair Cream

DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR CREAM is a night cream that absolutely delivers when it comes to skin nourishment.

It is a whipped mousse cream that feels as if it melts right into my skin, leaving behind a silky, dewy sheen and luxurious velvety texture. 

The best way to describe this is to compare to how cleansing balms start off as buttery, sorbet-like textures that melt into oil upon contact with body heat.  I like that it doesn’t have a stickiness, but you still get that mochi hada, freshly peeled boiled egg bounciness.

Iposome Advanced Repair Cream 2

It has a soothing scent, reminiscent of green tea with floral notes. It’s incredibly relaxing, it literally just lulls me to sleep. I think it’s the perfect way to end the day.

While I will continue to use this as a night cream, I’m sure that I will be adding DECORTÉ LIPOSOME ADVANCED REPAIR CREAM in the daytime to give my skin extra hydration during the winter months. 

Available on Amazon Japan

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From DECORTÉ – Makeup

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorté – Makeup


Decorté Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation

I never had the opportunity to try a lighter-wear or sheer coverage foundation in Japan until trying DECORTÉ ZEN WEAR.

This is simply because finding a proper foundation in Japan for darker tones is no easy feat! (See this post for tips on makeup shopping in Japan)

For years, I stuck with a MAC Studio Fix NC45 even though I could only find it in specialty department stores. Later, I settled on Kate Real Cover Liquid Foundation 05 as it is a Japanese brand easily found at drugstores. However, I wasn’t pleased with the texture of the formula.

Decorté Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation Maison kose display
DECORTÉ ZEN WEAR is a 24-hour liquid foundation that comes in *40* shades!

DECORTÉ ZEN WEAR, on the other hand, has what I consider to be the perfect consistency – not too watery, not too thick, and it is weightless. It has a semi-matte finish that settles within seconds, and it doesn’t oxidize.

Decorté Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation swatch gif

Because the foundation is lightweight, I can easily go for a glam look by simply applying powder to my T-zone, without looking mask-like and worrying about product settling into my lines.

It has a silky smooth, paraben-free lightweight formula made with moisturizing ingredients. You’ve got the essentials like Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, and Squalane, but there’s also nourishing exotic ingredients like Jasmine Flower Extract, Damask Rose Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, and Organic Murumuru Butter. The slight floral scent is a result of these botanical ingredients, but it quickly wears off. 

I love the name ZEN, and this formula is actually Inspired by the ancient art of calligraphy and sumi ink, which was commonly practiced by Zen Buddhist Monks. The focus of Japanese calligraphy is simplicity, beauty and a connection between the mind and the body. Like if you’ve seen Demon Slayer and they talk about Breathing Styles, this one would probably be Sumi no Koukyuu. (Ink Breathing). 

DECORTÉ ZEN WEAR is a 24-hour liquid foundation that comes in 40 shades.

Color match online using a smartphone or webcam here.

Available on Amazon Japan

Decorté Loose Powder

Decorté Loose Powder
How gorgeous is this packaging? Wouldn’t this be so pretty on your vanity or inside your makeup bag?

As with foundation, it has been a struggle to find pressed powders and loose powders in an appropriate shade. . Previously I’ve used Chacott Finishing Powder, but I’m not going back!

Although DECORTÉ FACE POWDER comes in only 6 shades, I was pleased that 30 Terra Cotta turned out to be a perfect match.

As someone with oily skin, I have a tendency to use too much powder on my face in order to cut down on shine and give my skin a matte finish. However, using too much powder can pile up on the skin and make it look patchy. 

But, DECORTÉ FACE POWDER is a finely milled powder that won’t settle into lines. If I reapply it throughout the day, my skin will still have a smooth texture without feeling heavy. The powder puff allows the product to fit softly onto my skin to give good coverage and a natural finish, while blurring the appearance of pores.

I also like that the packaging of the DECORTÉ FACE POWDER is very feminine, yet refined and sophisticated. Plus, has a soft floral scent that matches the feminine aesthetic of its packaging.

Available on Amazon // Amazon Japan

Decorté Eye Glow Gem 

Decorté Eye Glow Gem swatches

I was pleasantly surprised at the range of DECORTÉ EYE GLOW GEM matte and glossy shades. It is available in 25 shades, in either a Dewy Glow for a wet gloss finish or Silky Matte for a moist matte look.


I went out of my comfort zone and selected shades that I never would have imagined ever trying.  I selected two matte shades and one glitter shade. All three are beautifully pigmented and long-lasting. It’s worth noting that the matte shades come in frosted glass, whereas the glittery shades do not.

Decorté Eye Glow Gem  swatch gif

The creamy whipped mousse formula lends to ultimate blendability and can create anything from casual to sophisticated looks. These are gorgeous jewel tones that flatter any skin tone. Even without using an eyeshadow primer, I don’t have to worry about the color fading or migrating.

Previously I have only used eyeshadow palettes to create a full eye look, but after using these singles, I appreciate the flexibility and creativity. DECORTÉ EYE GLOW GEM can be applied with the fingertips and there is no need to worry about eyeshadow fallout.

At Maison Kose, I took advantage of the complementary personal engraving service and had all 3 of my DECORTÉ EYE GLOW GEM customized with my name. It brings a smile on my face whenever I see them in my makeup cabinet.

Available on Amazon Japan

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From DECORTÉ – Final Thoughts

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorte banner flatlay

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious J-beauty experience, DECORTÉ is the brand for you!

Each product is beautifully packaged and formulated, meaning that they not only look beautiful in your beauty bag, but they will also look beautiful on your skin. This is the essence of DECORTÉ’s philosophy: that true beauty is a journey of self-expression and self-care.

Where To Shop

If it’s DECORTÉ skincare you’re after, I recommend Maison Decorte:

Maison DECORTÉ (inside Ginza 6 Department Store)

Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


For makeup (and to try tons of other Kose products) head to Maison KOSÉ in Ginza:

Maison KOSÉ Ginza Concept Store 

maison kose exterior

Address: 7-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 


The best japanese beauty products from decorté

Discover The Best Japanese Beauty Products From Decorté

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