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Fabulous Friday Finds: KATE CC Lip Cream N

A while back, I introduced one of my favorite lip products, Canmake’s Stay-On Balm.
Well, I’m here with something that’s even better.
While browsing the overflowing aisles of the budget store Picasso (Don Quijote’s smaller sister brand), I picked up two shades of KATE’s brand new lip cream, CC Lip Cream N (CCリップクリームN).

KATE has made several appeared on the blog —I’m a big fan of its liquid foundation and eyeshadow/contouring kit. I’ve been using this brand since my gyaru days.
Kanebo advertises KATE as a sultry alternative to the kawaii drugstore makeup brands like Canmake.

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The camouflage print and ¥400 price tag was all I needed to justify this spontaneous purchase! Apparently, these lip creams just came out, so it’s like my body is in tune with new releases.

There are four colors in all, and I bought Orange Burst (04, top) and Beat Red (01, bottom), two colors perfect for autumn. The other shades are Grace Pink (07) and Snow Green (08).

These CC lip creams are a 5-in-1 product. All are SPF10 PA+ and work as a moisturizer, color corrector, lip gloss, and lip primer.

I love the way they glide on smoothly and give my lips just the right amount of tint. Because it’s sheer, I can layer it with matte lipsticks or leave as-is.
Gummy buildup is one thing I hate about lip products, but the formula of KATE CC lip cream does a great job of preventing that from happening.
These will be great especially against harsh winter dryness. Plus, I can drink all the hot cocoa I want without having to worry about leaving traces of lipstick everywhere.


ケイト CCリップクリームN(カモフラ) 01(5g)【KATE(ケイト)】
価格:432円(税込、送料別) (2018/8/27時点)


Ready to update your makeup for autumn? I certainly am!

Fabulous Friday Finds: KATE CC Lip Balm

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