Fabulous Friday Finds: Lollipop Smart Baby Camera

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For just under a month, I’ve been using the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera. I appreciate this latest addition to my arsenal of things that make mom-ing a monster just a bit easier.
I was instantly attracted to its sleek yet whimsical and cute design. Colorful, compact, and stylish are probably not the first words that come to mind when referring to a baby monitor.
But, the Lollipop baby monitor is a certified game changer. Thanks to its design and and easy-to-navigate features, it won the iF Design Award in 2016.

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There are no instructions in the box, but the Lollipop app will walk you through the process of syncing your phone, the baby monitor, and home wi-fi network. The app even helps with troubleshooting.

The camera requires very little for installation. Attach it to the crib, place it on a bedside table, mount it on the wall, stick it upright in a flower vase… the possibilities are endless.
What’s more, the wall mount, crib hanger and wall cord runners are included, so you don’t have to buy extra parts. Just take your Lollipop out the box, and you’re good to go.

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Lollipop In Use

Japanese homes are known to be on the small side, so it seems a bit redundant to have a baby monitor, especially as the monster and I co-sleep. However, I use the Lollipop as a monitor when she is playing, and I am doing housework or cooking.
Since the Lollipop baby monitor only needs an iPhone and wi-fi to work, it’s a cord-free way to keep an eye on her as I walk around the house.

Plus, the Lollipop is so compact, it’s even suitable for traveling. In fact, during our Obon visit to the in laws, I brought the Lollipop along. My in laws live in a very spacious house, so having a baby monitor helped a lot during nap time and bedtime.

I could easily keep an eye on the monster while she slept behind closed doors in the tatami room, and the adults watched TV in the dining room. The camera has infrared LED for night vision and  the option of using the monitor for audio only.

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My favorite is the “music station.”   There are six 3-hour long playlists from Rachmaninoff, Mozart and Chopin. We always listen to classical music before going to bed so it’s great having new bedtime options. There’s also white noise like hair dryer, running water, and mommy’s womb.

Whenever the camera detects the monster’s cries, I get notifications right to my phone. Other features include sharing the video stream with others via an email invite. Most importantly, there’s privacy mode, which keeps the stream from uploading to the Lollipop cloud (though storage is free).
So far, I enjoy using the Lollipop and am very tempted to use it as a monitor to watch our Shiba Kokuto when I’m out at work!

Fabulous Friday Finds: Lollipop Smart Baby Camera Review

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