Fabulous Friday Finds: Sweet Tropical Drinks

Well, the rainy season is underway, but you wouldn’t know that based on the high temperatures spreading across all of Japan.

In fact, there was even a day where Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, was hotter than the southern islands of Okinawa! Incredible!
So while it’s June, seeing all the new tropical drinks really makes it feel like summer is here.
Continuing with last week’s food theme is a selection of tropical drinks. Enjoy!

Mango Soy Milk — Kikkoman

This stuff is rich and creamy like a genuine mango lassi. Made with 10% fruit juice, you’d think the concentration was much, much higher.
I think this mango soy milk would make a fantastic smoothie base or even a substitute for milk/water when making pancakes.

Coconut Soy Milk — Kikkoman

Yes, another Kikkoman soy milk. As I mentioned in my post, 6 Best Japanese Drinks For Pregnant And Nursing Women, I’ve been drinking Kikkoman soy milk for years.
Whenever I see a new flavor in the store, I buy it (that means even the dreaded chocolate mint flavor, too)
This coconut soy milk tastes better than real coconut milk, which I find to be a bit too watery for me. I wonder how this would fare in a Thai green curry?

Clear Lychee Tea — Irohas

I picked this up because I love Irohas’ flavored water. I remember when they started out with basic lemon and now there seems to be a new one weekly.
I even tried Haskap flavored water when I was in Hokkaido (still don’t know what kind of fruit a haskap is though…)
At any rate, I felt deceived because this is a lychee tea, and not lychee water.
One of my fondest travel memories is haggling at a fruit stand in Taipei and eating freshly picked lychees.

I know what real lychees taste like and this drink was disappointing.
On top of that, I feel like the clear drink trend has run its course. Clear tea just tastes like watered down tea.

Clear Coca Cola Lemon — Coca Cola

Speaking of clear drinks, are you even surprised that I tried this latest addition to Jjapan’s clear drink craze?
Apparently Coca Cola Japan developed this independently and needed authorization from Coca Cola US to release it.
This year Japan already had released a Coke product with alcohol in it so this is another Japan only exclusive along with Peach Coke.
I’m not a fan of this, which tastes like Coke mixed with lemon seltzer water, but it’d be a great mixer for a summery cocktail..but not as good as this sugar free sparkling ginger water from Suntory.

Apparently, it’s selling out fast, so I hope people rushing to buy it get their yen’s worth.

Mango Passion Fruit Tea with Tapioca and Nata de Coco — Lipton

I didn’t notice the “with Tapioca and Nata de Coco”
on the label, but when I tried it, I couldn’t help but smile. It’s like Gong Cha in a box. Gong Cha, by the way, is a Taiwanese chain of bubble tea shops all over Asia.
I’ve had Gong Cha all over Asia (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea) so this brought back so many travel memories.

At my favorite Gong Cha in Insadong, Seoul, Korea

Can’t wait to see what will hit the shelves when summer truly arrives!

Fabulous Friday Finds: Sweet Tropical Drinks

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