Fabulous Friday Finds: The Latest Summer Snacks and Drinks From Japan

In the second installation of “Fabulous Friday Finds,” I’m sharing the latest Japanese summer snacks and drinks. All items are courtesy of the local kombini.

While there are no kombini near my condo, on my way to work I pass a Lawson, Family Mart, Lawson 100, and a 7-Eleven. Needless to say, I am always tempted to pop in to take a look at the newest products (新発売/shin hatsubai) and seasonal treats (季節限定/kisetau gentei).
Before you start, take a look at my mini guide to Japanese seasonal flavors so you can see what’s typically on sale during this time to the year.
Here’s what caught my eye last week. Enjoy!

Double White Chocolate and Double White Forbidden Pocky

The latest in Pocky’s kindan (“forbidden”) series are these finger-length pink sticks of Pocky generously coated in white chocolate.
The lack of peach flavor is a letdown but the double coat of chocolate is a nice consolation prize.

I feel like this snack would have worked better if it were sprinkled with dried bits of white peach.

Nonaru Kibun Mediterranean Lemon and Sparkling White Peach

Little Kaiju ia now 16 months old and there’s still no sign of weaning. So, I’m sticking with my favorite non-alcoholic cocktail series from Suntory.

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The latest flavors are Mediterranean Lemon and Sparkling White Peach, though I feel like Mediterranean Lemon was out last year…

Of course, non-alcoholic cocktails are basically sodas. Still, I like to pour mine in a champagne glass and pretend to unwind after a long day.

Country Ma’am Lemon Cheesecake Cookies

Country Ma’am Cookies are my favorite chocolate chip cookie. The outer part of the cookie has a nice crunch while the inside is moist and chewy.
And while I love limited edition flavors, when it comes to Country Ma’am, I stick to the traditional flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Why mess up a good thing?

These lemon cheesecake cookies are surprisingly good, and you get a nice whiff of lemony cheesecake goodness when you open the package.

Hojicha Latte

I’ve always associated a hot cup of hojicha, roasted green tea, with autumn in Japan. But, this year, hojicha lattes are the trendy way to cool down on a summer day.
I’ve tried several versions, including Starbucks’ Kaga Stick Hojicha Frappuccino.

It’s probably my favorite, and I now wish I had tried more Kaga Hojicha in Kanazawa, instead of chasing golden foods!

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Chocolate Mint Everything

Just gonna throw this out there: I don’t like chocolate mint. I’m not a fan of it.
So, when I saw chocolate minty pancakes and chocolate mint melon pan on sale at Family Mart, my immediate reaction was, “Who asked for this?”
Then, literally the next day, there was an entire segment on the newest chocolate mint drinks and snacks on the morning news. If you love chocolate mint, summer 2018 is your lucky year!
For more limited edition drinks and snacks from Japan, head to 99japan.com!

Fabulous Friday Finds: The Latest Summer Snacks and Drinks From Japan

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