February 2019 Raxy Beauty Box

It’s time for another Raxy Beauty Box post! The theme for the February 2019 Raxy Beauty Box is “Fortune Beauty.” 

Wonder Honey Heartful Pure Cheek, Honey Coral

ワンダーハニー ハートフルなピュアチーク ハニーコーラル

This is my third Wonder Honey product, following the rich hand cream in the December 2018 beauty box and the eyeshadow quad I got at the Yuki Takahashi makeup masterclass. The packaging is adorable… too adorable, almost. If it weren’t in this beauty box, I don’t think I’d be tempted to try it just because it’s a bit too kawaii for me.

However, it’s wonderfully compact and fits nicely in a makeup pouch without taking out too much space. I have no complaints about the pigmentation as it adds just the right amount of color.

Picomonte Beautiful Concealer, Light Ochre

ピコモンテ ビューティフルコンシーラー ライトオークル

Picomonte is a company headquartered in Osaka with branches in China and Korea. Along with the Picomonte brand, it has an “Ibiza,” “NATULAUGH,” and “Bikakumei” lineup of different skincare and cosmetics. It strangely has little social media presence but their products are always in the Raxy beauty boxes. I think that’s a waste, but I digress. This is the newest version of concealer, just released this month. Color aside, it isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Since it’s brand new, I may give it to little Kaiju to play with…

Lirio Hand Gel


I’ve only had this for about a week, but my hands certainly do feel different after using this nourishing hand gel. It adds a veil-like waterproof coating to the skin which locks in and retains moisture. I keep it in the bathroom next to the sink, so I can reach for it right after washing my hands. I also apply a layer before going to bed.

My Beauty Diary, Sake Yeast Sheet Mask

我的美麗日記 酒かすマスク

I love sheet masks, and getting a sheet mask from My Beauty Diary made my day when I opened my February 2019 Raxy Beauty Box. My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand of sheet mask that is a hit among the Asian beauty community. What I like most about this mask is the texture of the material and that it’s practically translucent when applied to the skin.

There’s a whole lot of essence inside the individually packaged sheet masks. I saved the pouch and used the leftover essence the following day to boost the properties of one of my budget sheet masks. Sake yeast, by the way, has antioxidant properties and has been a Japanese beauty secret for ages!

Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm, Honey Flavor

ニベア クリームケアリップバーム はちみつの香り

I’m not a fan of lip creams in a pot, so I immediately knew I’d be giving it to little Kaiju to add to her beauty collection. But, once I got a whiff of the Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm, I almost wanted it take it back from her (rude, I know). The scent of honey is very sweet, much more than the DHC honey lip cream that I bought a few months ago. The cream, however, feels more like petroleum jelly, so it would be better off used as a night lip pack to heal dry and cracked lips.

Final Thoughts

I’d give the February 2019 Raxy Beauty Box 3.5 stars out of 5. My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Sheet Mask and Lirio hand gel are my favorite items.
The theme for March is ふんわり春印象 (funwari haru inshou) ~ a gentle impression of spring. I’m thinking lip tints, flowery hair oils, fruity scented sheet masks, and eye shadow! We’ll see come next month!

Ready to Raxy?

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February 2019 Raxy Beauty Box


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