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Food and Fun at Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park

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Fall is in full swing and I’m feeling nostalgic for Hokkaido! My girl and I visited Hokkaido twice, in 2018 and 2019 in late fall/early winter and have so many memories. We had completely different itineraries for both trips, but we stayed at Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park each time as our base. If you’re contemplating a trip to Sapporo with kids, you’ll have plenty of food and fun at Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park!

Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park

Our first stay at Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park was in Fall 2018. I originally choose this hotel as part of a travel package and its location.

The weather during our first stay wasn’t favorable enough for outside play at Nakajima Park. Instead, we stuck to our tour itinerary and made extensive use of the majestic “Parkside Spa” public bath. (Thankfully, my daughter’s eczema is finally making progress, but when she was 1-2 years old, we went to onsen often to soothe her skin.)

The breakfast vouchers gave us the option of dining at one of the hotel’s 3 restaurants.

On our very first morning in Sapporo, we ate breakfast at the banquet room POPLAR / LILAC. Its breakfast buffet has 60+ Japanese and Western dishes.

There’s also a kids’ corner, which is worth considering if you have picky eaters.

But, I wasn’t very impressed with the menu and because it’s a large dining hall, going back and forth to the tables with a small child was a hassle. The large, busy space and chatter was also overstimulating for me. 

The following morning we tried the locally-sourced breakfast buffet at TERRA and fell in love!

I even booked Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park the following year specifically because of its “farm to table” breakfast buffet! 

TERRA Breakfast Buffet 

From the interior design to atmosphere to breakfast options, TERRA is a wonderful place to experience.

The restaurant is on the ground level of HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park, in front of the lobby, but it’s a very quiet and chill place. 

Slender trees rise gently above and around the tables and buffet areas and a small stream runs through the restaurant.

I felt like I was on a nature retreat or glamping grounds, and the large panel windows provide natural lighting that really enhance the Hokkaido nature experience.

The breakfast buffet includes one omelette of your choice, along with  vegan, vegetarian, and pork-free options.


”We have spoons. Tiny spoons. How do they make them that tiny?!” We absolutely loved these morning “cocktails.”
Kid-friendly dishes and cutlery

We stuffed ourselves on delicious breads and soups, the fruit and salad bar, custom omelettes, and Miss Kaiju’s favorite, Hakodate yogurt.

Everything was colorful — nothing fried or over processed— and the ambiance was so calming, it was only natural that breakfast every morning was followed up by a autumn walk and playtime across the street at Nakajima Park. 

Nakajima Park


Nakajima Park is one of the “100 Most Popular Urban Parks in Japan.”

We missed out on this 21 acre park on our first mommy-daughter visit to Sapporo. But, the following year we were blessed with sunny skies and gorgeous fall scenery.

What I loved about this park is that it has playground equipment for kids!

I took Miss Kaiju to Ohori Park the previous day and she was extremely disappointed that it was just grass. Only soft-serve helped to lift her mood!

There’s a public daycare facility next to the park, so depending on the time you go, there may be a group of children there as well.

If there’s more than playtime on your itinerary, you can enter Nakajima Park Station via Exit 3. (This exit has stairs only, though).

Location & How To Get There

MyStays Premier Sapporo Park is located in central Sapporo. It’s a short walk from Nakajima Park Station (中島公園駅) on the Nanboku Subway Line with two kombini nearby. There is a Lawson opposite the elevator Exit 1 of Nakajima Station and a 7-Eleven opposite the hotel’s side entrance. 

Keep in mind that this hotel is Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park. There is another Mystays property with a similar name on the same block, which is Hotel MyStays Sapporo Nakajima Park. Be sure to check the property name in Japanese as well (ホテルマイステイズプレミア札幌パーク).


If using the Airport Shuttle Bus from Shin-Chitose Airport,  your stop is Nakajima Park.

If you are using the trains from  Shin-Chitose Airport, you will have to transfer at JR Sapporo Station to the privately owned Nanboku Subway Line. This sounds like a hassle, but it’s really not.

Now, if you have any trauma from struggling to navigate Tokyo’s metro system with a child and stroller in tow (raises hand), know that you’ll be fine in Sapporo! 

The Sapporo Underground Passage has wide, spacious corridors that connect two shopping malls with Sapporo Station and Oodori Station on the Nanboku Subway Line. The Chi-Ka-Ho is complete with free Wi-Fi, rest areas, shops, cafes, and even a public library branch!

Even if you’ve arrived in Sapporo during rush hour, transferring you will be able to navigate the ChiKaHo with ease. On my second visit, I noticed that accessibility also had improved after going through extensive renovations.

Once you master the underground passageway, getting around Sapporo becomes fun. Plus, you’ll always stumble upon something new as you explore the wide winding walkways on your way to/from the hotel.

I hope we’ll be back in Sapporo and Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park next fall!

Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park (ホテルマイステイズプレミア札幌パーク)

1 Chome-1-20 Minami 14 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0914

〒064-0914 北海道札幌市中央区南14条西1丁目1−20


Food and Fun at Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park

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