How To Choose The Right ByKay Baby Carrier For You

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I’ve had the wonderful pleasure to collaborate with the Dutch company ByKay, a manufacturer of award-winning ergonomic baby carriers and accessories.
For a little over two months I’ve been using ByKay’s Ringsling, Stretchy Wrap, and Mei Tai, along with my Click Carrier Reversible.

In this post, I’ll share my tips on how to choose the right ByKay baby carrier for you.

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I’ve talked about ByKay on the blog with a detailed review of the Click Carrier Reversible. And, if you’ve seen any of my daily behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories about life in Tokyo, you’ve definitely seen the Click Carrier Reversible. The Delfy print makes it nearly impossible to miss!

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I was completely familiar with each carrier before I started typing.

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As my disclosure policy says, I only write about products and services that I truly feel passionate about. I really am passionate about babywearing, and my ByKay carriers have made this mom-ing journey (and my daily commutes and travel around Japan) more manageable.

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Image: flickr/bykaycarriers

With so many baby carriers out there, I hope that this unbiased review of 4 different ByKay baby carriers will help you as you ponder how to choose the right ByKay baby carrier for you.

About ByKay

Image: flickr/bykaycarriers

Before we dive into each product, let’s talk about ByKay. It’s a Dutch brand founded by mom of 4 Kay Poelen who wanted an ergonomic baby carrier that was more stylish and functional than those on the market.
Just check out the story of how a mom hand sewing each carrier turned her passion into an international company. It’s a really inspirational read!

You can find ByKay baby carriers in anything from casual denim to sunny yellow to wine red to blush pink, camouflage, leopard (!) and seemingly everything between and beyond.
Not only are the carriers stylish, they are highly rated by parents. In 2017, ByKay Carriers took home 3 different awards:
Loved By Parents Award — Best Baby Wrap
Junior Design Award — Best Baby Sling Design (Silver)
Mum Ii Best Baby And Toddler Gear (Gold)
Just one more thing to add before I head into the carrier review. What really stands out to me is the eco-friendly packaging with adorable slogans like “Carry Your Love.”

Image: flickr/bykaycarriers

Let’s hop into the reviews!

Click Carrier Reversible

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The OG of my ByKay Carriers, it’s the one I wear nearly daily. I’ve reviewed the Click Carrier Reversible on the blog already, but here’s a recap:
The basicsLightly padded straps and waist belt offer support yet the carrier is not bulky, making it easy to store in your diaper bag or stroller compartment.  

The X straps feel sturdier and it feels like my daughter’s weight is distributed more evenly on my back. It may take some time learning how to buckle the carrier, but the trick is to adjust the straps after putting your child in it.
Something I’ve learned along the way is if you feel pressure in your lower back, it means the shoulder straps are too long and your child is too low. Bring your child up higher and that will immediately alleviate your discomfort.

Pros: This is a easy-to-wear, buckle ‘n go way carrier that allows you to back carry and hip carry. It’s reversible so you get to play with different colors and patterns depending on your mood!
Cons: Straps can unravel and get in the way if you let the carrier dangle at your waist.
Best for: Commuters and travelers; someone who doesn’t want to fuss with ties and wraps.


Image: flickr/bykaycarriers

The basics: The Ringsling recreates the “mommy hip carry” and it makes my daughter feel so comfortable, she falls asleep almost instantly.

I love wearing the Ringsling in the summer because it goes so well with camisoles, rompers, maxi dresses, and kimono dusters.
The asymmetrical, off-shoulder design is great for feeling the breeze, too. Also, the way the extra fabric cascades gives the Ringsling a very chic look and makes baby wearing stylish!

Pros: The Ringsling is simply one long piece of fabric which makes washing and drying a breeze! It also doubles as a blanket or nursing wrap. Also great as a backup carrier.
Cons: You have to play around with pulling the fabric through the loop until you get the desired support for your baby’s weight.
Best for: Quick trips out of the house (including late night emergency room runs!); lounging by the beach and pool; hot and humid days.

Mei Tai Deluxe

The basics: For the ultimate hands-free baby wearing experience there’s no better choice than a Mei Tai.

The Mei Tai Deluxe boast wide, padded shoulder straps, shoulder pads for support, a padded waist,  and is based on the traditional Chinese baby carrier Mei Tai.
In fact, when I wear my Mei Tai, all the grandmas on the bus or train are ready to help me strap in the monster, because this style of babywearing is so familiar to them!

Pros: The Mei Tai is 100% adjustable to your body! Wear it over or under outer layers, it doesn’t matter because the straps are long enough to accommodate practically all sizes.
Cons: There is a very steep learning curve, but once you figure out the motions, the process goes by smoothly. Try practicing at home until you get enough confidence to go out with your little one. The Mei Tai is also bulkier and does not fold up compactly.
Best for: Extended baby/toddler wearing (up to 4 years old); families who prefer to use one baby carrier.

Stretchy Wrap

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The basics: The award-winning Stretchy Wrap is a soft cotton baby carrier that is a wonderful choice for newborns. There are no buckles or parts that could brush against a baby’s delicate skin.

But, the Stretchy Wrap is not just for infants. The Stretchy Wrap creates a warm, secure feeling that calms down excited kids while keeping them close.
I really like the thickness of the fabric and think it will be perfect during the cooler months. For now, I prefer to use the Stretchy Wrap when doing housework becuse it keeps my girl close and secure.

The very unglamorous world of housework

ProsThe Stretchy Wrap can be used for newborns and does not need special inserts.
Cons: Like the Mei Tai, the Stretchy Wrap requires a bit of practice. The fabric can be uncomfortable in warmer weather/climates.
Best for: Newborns and little ones with sensitive skin; kiddos who are easily excited.

How To Choose The Right ByKay Baby Carrier For You

As you can see, there is no one size fits all carrier. Rather, each carrier has a specific function, so I highly recommend having more than one.
For example, parents can share the Mei Tai while a nursing mother might like having the Stretchy Wrap on hand for nursing time.
In my case, I use the Click Carrier Reversible for my Monday to Friday  commute on public transportation and tend to stick to the Ringsling on the weekends now that it’s summer.
During the rainy season I paired my Click Carrier Reversible with the Mei Tai Deluxe to bring cheer on gloomy weekends.
Long story short, choosing the right ByKay baby carrier simply means examining your daily routine and seeing where a specific baby carrier can be your extra pair of hands.
Check out the complete lineup of ByKay baby carriers and accessories here.
You can shop online via the official website.
Check out lifestyle photos of ByKay carrier users on the brand’s official Instagram, @bykaycarriers.
Stay tuned to my Instagram feed and Story to see the Ringsling, Stretchy Wrap, Mei Tai Deluxe and Click Carrier Reversible in action!

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