Introducing EDO BEAUTY LAB
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Introducing EDO BEAUTY LAB

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Introducing EDO BEAUTY LAB! Today I am absolutely thrilled to announce the formation of my company, Edo Beauty Lab, an incorporated entity registered as Kabushiki Kaisha Edo Beauty Lab (株式会社 EDO BEAUTY LAB) on May 19, 2021.

It’s been nearly a year in the making, and I can’t believe I finally did it!

I mean, it only took me:

1 crazy idea

6 business courses

10 months 

and nearly 1,000,000 yen in INCI/JCIA application fees, company registration fees, lawyer fees, share capital, & office rental fees.

Of course, getting my company incorporated is just the first step. Now, it’s time to get down to business!

So, exactly what is Edo Beauty Lab all about?

K. K. Edo Beauty Lab is the company that produces [EDO BEAUTY LAB], a green beauty brand made in Edogawa City, Tokyo, Japan.

Here’s a snazzy (if I do say so myself) PR Instagram Reel introducing you to all the green natural goodness that’s to come!

I’ll share much more in the upcoming weeks as I prepare to open my online shop on July 1.


Q: When is your launch date? 

A: 1 July 2021— Save the date! 

Q: What products do you carry?

A: As you can see in the Reel above, [EDO BEAUTY LAB] will launch with a clarifying clay mask.

As of right now, the name of the product is currently under registration with the proper authorities. I’ll update y’all when everything is OK.

I will announce other goods in the days leading up to launch

Q: Where are your products made?

A: Every step of the manufacturing process takes place in Edogawa, Japan, from farming of our raw materials to refining, processing, and packaging. Production and manufacturing of the clarifying mask occurs in small batches at a  reputable cosmetics manufacturer in operation for more than 35 years.  

All artisanal beauty items available at [EDO BEAUTY LAB] are handcrafted by talented locally artisans with decades of experience and mastery of their craft.

Q: Why use a third party manufacturer?

A: Simply put, the Japanese cosmetics industry has very high regulations.  Cosmetics manufacturing can only take place in a facility that has the proper licenses. NO EXCEPTIONS

If you look at the label of any of your favorite J-beauty items you’ll often see two different addresses. All cosmetics must list the address of the company selling the products. The label must also clearly state as well as the address of the manufacturing facility, if different from the seller. 

The formula for the clarifying mask is my own, and it is an original [EDO BEAUTY LAB] cosmetic product. 

Q: Why “green beauty”?

A: My motto is “self-care through skincare,” so when I decided to start a company, there was no doubt that I’d do something in the beauty industry. It sounds cheesy, but I created [EDO BEAUTY LAB] to draw attention to the natural goodness of Edogawa City and promote our agricultural industry. 

As a black content creator/beauty influencer in Japan, the Pull Up For Change campaign was a  very inspirational force encouraging me to create a fair beauty company. I simply want to use my skills as a content creator to grow professionally and connect with my local and online community.

The “green” in our slogan, “Green Beauty From Edogawa Japan,” represents the parks of Edogawa City, its bountiful komatsuna harvest, and our eco initiatives. Every step of production takes place in a 5 km radius, and all products use eco-friendly materials.

I think I’ve covered everything so far in this FAQ. But, please do drop me a message if you have other questions! I’ll compile and add them to the official FAQ. 

June is sure to be an incredibly busy month for me. Still, I plan to document as much of the process as I can.

Follow [EDO BEAUTY LAB] on Instagram and Facebook to see more sneak peeks and stay tuned for updates!

Introducing EDO BEAUTY LAB

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