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Introducing Lululun Organic Sheet Masks

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I’m following up my previous post on maternal mental health and self-care with a new entry for The Beauty Files! This time, I’m introducing Lululun Organic Sheet Masks.

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My Love For Lululun

If you’re not familiar with Lululun, the brand basically made daily sheet masking a part of Japanese skincare routines.  Lululun actually got its start in the aftermath of he devastating 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Their purpose was to bring a bit of happiness to Japan (in fact, “lu lu lun” mimics a soft humming sound.) By doing so, they’ve become a popular beauty brand loved domestically and outside of Japan.

Lululun is one of the first drugstore J-beauty brands I gravitated towards in my shift from K-beauty. For me, the appeal of Lululun lies not only in its affordability (and cute packaging) but also in its seasonal releases and sheet masks that celebrate the diverse regions of Japan. 

In late Spring 2020, Lululun stepped out of its comfort zone and released its own line of makeup removers and cleansing balms, followed up with a summer release of toners/lotion (化粧水 | keshousui).

But, Lululun hasn’t forgotten its roots! To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, they’ve released a line of organic sheet masks! I had some points lying around, so I decided to try out the series for myself. 

Introducing Lululun Organic Sheet Masks

The Lululun Organic series consists of 5 different sheet masks, available in a trial set of 5 or as a single set of 5. These sheet masks are not intended for daily use. Rather, it offers you 10 minutes of relaxing aromatherapy while targeting specific skincare concerns:

Chamomile — For smooth skin.

Contains organic Hungarian Roman chamomile oil and adzuki (red bean)

Lavender — For Fluctuating skin.

Contains organic French lavender oil from France and edelweiss extract.

Rose — For Aging Care

Contains organic Bulgarian Damask rose oil and Damask rose extract.

Tea Tree — For Rough Skin.

Contains organic Australian tea tree oil and benifuuki* tea leaf extract (*special cultivated variety of green tea).

Yuzu — For Moisturizing.

Contains organic Japanese (Koichi Prefecture) yuzu peel extract, Sponge gourd (hechima) extract, and yuzu ceramide B (which is similar in composition to ceramides found in human skin!)

Lululun has created a beautiful, user-friendly page touting the benefits of organic skincare and a brief background on each essential oil. After all, this is their first line of organic products.

Plus, they’re one of Japan’s most popular brand of sheet masks. It’s understandable that they’d want to come out with a line of organic sheet masks. (Gotta tap into the growing market for Japanese customers looking for clean and natural beauty choices!) 

However, what makes Lululu Organic sheet masks “organic” is the use of organic essential oils. I was very disappointed to find out that the fibers of the sheet masks are not organic.

With that said, each sheet mask is 3 layers thick and almost has the effect of locking in moisture and allowing the essence to penetrate the skin like a silicone mask. 

Each sheet mask is packaged individually, and each package contains 30 mL of essence!

Usually after I’m done masking, I like to apply the excess essence to my face and neck. But, 30 mL is so much that I apply it to my face, neck, and body the following morning. 

Final Thoughts on Lululun Organic Sheet Masks

Recently I have found myself gravitating towards natural skincare brands and aging-care products, and thought that I would enjoy using these sheet masks. I like the idea of essential oils for therapeutic, self-care use as well as to target specific skin concerns.

High-quality essential oils can do wonders in skincare, and it seems like Lululun has done a fantastic job in sourcing their ingredients. The sheet masks are free of alcohol, mineral oil, animal (by)products, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances, but it’s always good to do a patch test on yourself. 

Perhaps I would consider purchasing a set of Tea Tree sheet masks to indulge in some mid-week self-care. On the other hand, there is another lineup of Lululun sheet masks that I’d like to try. So, it’s very likely that I’d end up using my money (or points) to purchase those instead!

2021.3.28 UPDATE: the lineup that I wanted to try is Lululun One Night For Mature Skin and the full review is here.

If you’d like to try Lululun Organic Sheet Masks, you can purchase them on Amazon Japan:

Chamomile | Lavender | Rose | Tea Tree | Yuzu

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Introducing Lululun Organic Sheet Masks

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