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Japanese Skincare and Makeup Picks For Fall

In case you missed it, FALL. IS. HERE. Vibrant summer colors are fun to play with, but I prefer the subdued tones of fall like navy, maroon, orange, and khaki, especially when it comes to makeup. 
Here are my Japanese Skincare and Makeup Picks For Fall.


My summer skincare regimen was all about cleansing products and sheet masks with cooling properties. I also experimented with skin care products to reverse the damage caused by UV rays.
This time around, I’m investing in healing products with natural ingredients to restore my skin and prepare for winter dryness.

Botanical Esthe (ボタニカルエステ) Morning Sheet Masks

I’m a big fan of Saborino morning sheet masks. All I need is 60 seconds to cleanse, tone, and prep my face.
But, what do you do when you don’t have 60 seconds to spare? You grab a package of Botanical Esthe morning sheet masks!


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These lemon-scented sheet masks take only 55 seconds to wake you up and leave you feeling fresh-faced.

Botanical Este sheet masks are made in Japan with 100% natural cotton and the 7-in-1 formula (cleanser/toner/serum/emulsion/cream/face pack/primer!) contains 20 botanical ingredients like aloe, mint, honey, and rose hip.

After my 55 seconds are up, I like to use the sheet mask to wipe down my neck and decolletage.



Sweet (スウィート) Magazine x Snidel Fall Makeup

In my Where To Buy Makeup In Japan post I mentioned that bookstores are a fantastic place to shop for makeup, especially when you’re trying out new colors.
One thing I love about  Japanese magazines is the sheer amount of freebies. In fact, many times the freebies are worth more than the price of the magazines.

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This is definitely the case with the Snidel fall makeup collection that comes with the October issue of the fashion magazine, Sweet.

The makeup set includes an eyeshadow quad (2 shimmery colors, 1 matte, and 1 cream); creamy lip and blush tint; a dark purple retractable eyeliner pencil; and wine colored mascara. It all comes in a clear pouch that I will likely end up giving to my girl (AKA she will take it from me).
Pop singer Namie Amuro retired after 25 years in the music industry and she’s on the cover of Sweet this month.

Pair that with this makeup bundle and it means that this issue will likely sell out quickly. Get it while you can!


Sweet(スウィート) 2018年 10月号 【表紙:安室奈美恵】
価格:1999円(税込、送料別) (2018/9/13時点)



Jourmoe (ジュールモエ) 3 Way Makeup Pencil 

All of the beauty products in my review category have one key point in common — they’re all wallet-friendly items that are perfect for a busy mama!

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That’s exactly why I had to get this 3-in-1 makeup pencil from Jourmoe.

No need to fumble in your makeup bag or makeup drawer when getting ready or retouching your makeup. Liquid eyeliner, eyeliner, and eye shadow are all in .your reach.

The Jourmoe 3 Way makeup pencil comes in several shades, but I picked the one with orange shadow and khaki eyeliner because I have plenty of nude palettes and black eyeliner. The colors go great with my Kate lip cream colors, too!
Nearly every review on Rakuten and Amazon mentions that it takes a bit of work to get the sponge applicator to apply eye shadow thoroughly. I think some users just didn’t realize that you can dip the applicator into the cartridge to add more pigment to the sponge.

This is definitely going in my purse so I can touch up my makeup on the go. It’s already incredibly useful on busy mornings, so I’m considering buying 2 more shades: one to keep at the in-laws’ house and another to go in my travel carry-on. 


That’s all for this week’s edition of Fabulous Friday Finds! Next week, I’ll be sharing the fall fashion picks that I bought during the Rakuten Super Sale and at Uniqlo earlier this month.

Japanese Skincare and Makeup Picks For Fall


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