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July 2019 Raxy Beauty Box

One of many beauty posts coming up on The Wagamama Diaries, here’s a look inside the July 2019 Raxy Beauty Box: Dramatic Summer.  

Hanajirushi Peeling Gel

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a peeling gel. Ever since I found out that the clumpy “stuff” that comes up is not actually skin, but the product building up, I’ve been wary of them. Then again, it would be weird if those clumps forming were millions and millions of dead skin cells!

The clumps that form are a softer way to exfoliate the skin by gently removing dead skin cells to reveal new skin underneath. Hanajirushi Peeling Gel uses arbutin to delay the formation of melanin. It also contains white mulberry extract to brighten the skin. Because this peeling gel has “whitening*” properties it should be used in the morning. I’ve never thought of using a peeling gel in the morning, this one seems like a great way to protect the skin from sun damage

To use, take 4 to 6 pumps and let it sit for about 30 seconds before rubbing onto skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

*I am halfway done with my Japanese whitening products post, and I’ll explain in extreme detail why“whitening” skin care products don’t actually make someone lighter.

Naturassic Natural Energy Mask

I expected sheet masks to be included in this month’s Raxy Beauty Box, but this Natural Energy Mask by Naturassic exceeded my expectations. To start, the mask is made from paper mulberry bark fiber, resulting in a very thick but pliable high-grade paper used in Washi papermaking. Since the mulberry fiber is so absorbent, virtually none of the essence drips as you take it out of the packet and apply it on your face.

These masks are sold in packs of six, and each mask is coated in 25 ml of essence. In fact, it’s so saturated it sticks to your face and hardly moves out of place. The creamy, off-white essence contains nine kinds of botanical extracts that adjust, firm and moisturize skin. It also includes ceramide and hyaluronic acid for additional moisturizing properties. Plus, these masks are free of alcohols, fragrances, artificial colors, and petroleum surfactants.

I used this mask the day after returning to Japan and my skin looked amazing after rolling a jade roller around my face for about 5 minutes. The masks are 6 for 2,000 yen on Amazon Japan and they might be worth it to have on hand after long flights! 

Dual Organic Acne Herb Wash

When you sign up for a Raxy Beauty Box, you fill out a mini-survey about your skin type and makeup preferences. Dual Organic Acne Herb Wash is one of the products selected specifically for my oily skin. Two years after giving birth, I feel as if my skin’s oil production has gotten out of control. I’m constantly looking for something to keep the shine down. Though I have oily skin, it’s not acne prone, BUT I definitely get sporadic breakouts around the time my menstrual cycle starts. Having a facial cleanser like this will help with the redness and inflammation. 

Dual Organic Acne Herb Wash is medicated with Isopropyl Methylphenol to fight bacteria and dipotassium glycyrrhizate, an anti-inflammatory substance found in licorice root. It also contains for organic herb: sage, lavender, thyme, and hatomugi extract 

You only need a small amount (about the size of a penny/one yen coin). Then, you simply add a bit of water, then rub until a creamy lather forms. It doesn’t foam like a “traditional” foam wash, but it’s more like a lathery milk that coats evenly and goes on smoothly. The herbal scent is relaxing and a great way to start or end the day.

Deja Vu Lash Knockout Mascara in Mocha Brown

An unlikely product to have in a skincare box, I’m glad to have a new tube of Deja Vu Lash Knockout Mascara. I tend to stick to 100 yen shop mascara. But, there are a few brands that I will (begrudgingly) spend 1,000+ yen on. Deja Vu mascara is one of them! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s one of Japan’s top-selling mascaras and it’s extremely popular across Asia, too. It’s advertised in Japan as “falsies that you paint on.” Lash Knockout is one of four product lines (along with Fiber Wig, Keep Style, and Tiny Sniper)  that is a non-oil, water-based nourishing formula. It’s smear-resistant, rub-proof, smudge-proof and flake-proof that wraps around lashes and stays for up to 24 hours.

What makes the Lash Knockout lineup special is that it creates voluminous eyes effortlessly. Mocha Brown is the latest color, released in June 2019. The dark brown color creates volume without being overpowering. This is perfect for those summer days when all you really need is sunscreen and lip gloss.

Overall Thoughts

Even though I stocked up on several summer skincare items, I enjoy these new additions to my skincare arsenal. I’ve made it my goal for 2019 to learn all about the hows/whys of skincare products. Having extra products on hand definitely helps with my studies.

It’s also one of the first boxes where I really felt like I’m getting my money’s worth. All Raxy boxes are cost-effective, but this one is a real bargain. I got a full-sized tube of Deja Vu Lash Knockout mascara and three extra full sized skincare samples for 2,000 yen!

Overall, the items July 2019 Raxy Beauty Box: Dramatic Summer gets 4 out of 5 stars. The July 2019 Raxy Beauty Box marks one year of Raxy and I’m looking forward to anothr year of great skincare and makeup finds!

Ready to Raxy?

If you want to try Raxy, the beauty box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

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