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Lagom Korean Beauty Skincare Review

I’m back in the k-beauty game with this Lagom Korean beauty skincare review! 

Though these products were gifted by Lagom Korea (to promote their entry into the Japanese market), this is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation to share any photos/thoughts/opinions on these products.

I’ve been using these products for about three weeks now. That’s long enough to write a cohesive review of the Lagom skincare set.

With the Swedish word Lagom ( “Not too little, not too much”) as its motto, Lagom is one of Korea’s hottest skincare brands. Lagom was formulated in 2015 by a group of 12 makeup artists, skincare experts, and scientists to produce a skincare line that cleanses while hydrating skin.

At the core of Lagom is Aqualicia, a trademarked ingredient that moisturizes the skin at a cellular level.

All Lagom products have a soft floral scent. There’s  top notes of orange and bergamot, middle notes of calming rose, lavender and chamomile, and sandalwood base notes.

Now, Lagom just entered the Japanese market in April 2019 and is available at LOFT. This is perhaps the reason why they reached out to me as a beauty Instagrammer. I’m actually touched that my profile caught their eye — it’s very encouraging that my work is being noticed!

Lagom Korean Beauty Skincare Review

Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser

Lightweight and true to its name, the Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser is a gel that liquifies when rubbed into the skin. This is an excellent  cleanser that’s worth having on hand for hot and sticky summer mornings or after a morning workout. (Though I’m still partial to my morning sheet masks, this gel is certainly more eco friendly.)

It doesn’t hold up quite as well when it comes to taking off a full face of makeup at the end of the day. However, it would work as an eye makeup or lip stain remover.

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser

The Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser doesn’t require “double washing.” But, it can definitely be used in tandem with the Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser or with an oil makeup remover. I’m partial to foam cleansers so I quickly fell in love with it. A little goes a long way with this foam and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. 

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Cellus Mist Toner

This is another Lagom product that I would like to incorporate into my summer skincare regime. The mist hydrates yet dries fast. It’s a great way to prep the skin before applying sunscreen in the morning or a sheet mask in the evening.

I also like using this Cellus Mist Toner to lock in moisture after soaking in the bathtub. I only have a short window of time to apply all of little Kaiju’s skin care oils and medications. So, I just spritz myself with this quickly before attending to her.

Lastly, I like using this mist applying powder foundation. Normally, I like a matte finish, but in the summertime, a dewy look is more appropriate, I feel.  

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Cellus Deep Moisture Cream

The Cellus Deep Moisture Cream is wonderfully hydrating. I find it comparable to Lululun Precious Cream, though it is it not as thick. However, now that the humid months are here, I doubt I’ll be using this Cellus Deep Moisture Cream. 

Still, for anyone who has dry skin this product will certainly work wonders, and those in colder climates may appreciate its hydrating properties as well.

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Cellus Sun Gel SPF50+ PA+++

My absolute favorite product of this Lagom 5 piece skincare set is without a doubt this Cellus Sun Gel sunscreen. For starters, it’s SPF50+ PA+++, making it pretty darn effective in blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

I only need a little a few drops of this gel to spread across my face, and I apply it to my face directly from the bottle.

The product doesn’t  drip down or roll down my face, even though it’s a gel. Once the product is rubbed in, it leaves my face with a powdery, oil-free finish, making it an ideal makeup base. What’s more, it doesn’t leave any white cast! 

When it comes to coverage, Cellus Sun Gel is comparable to my to-go Japanese sunscreen, which is Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk. Anessa, however, gives a wonderful matte finish while Cellus Sun Gel is dewy. Anessa also holds up against sweat and is SPF50+ PA++++, so I will continue to use that one on school pool days and Cellus Sun Gel for everyday wear.

It’s not to say that I only have positive things to say about this sunscreen. I use it as a base and pair it with Shiseido Perfect UV Liquid Foundation and for some reason the combination tends to sting my eyes. Still, it’s worth having just because it’s that awesome of a makeup base. 

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Overall Thoughts




Teni W.🎌Baby Kaiju Blogさん(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with this Lagom skin care set, and I’ll definitely be going back to Cellus Sun Gel once this tube is finished.

3/23 UPDATE:

Just in — a sweet PR package from Lagom that arrived in time for my birthday! I received the Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder and Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream. I’m a bit preoccupied with projects at the moment, so when I have time to try these products exclusively I will give them a proper review!

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Lagom Korean Beauty Skincare Review

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