March 2019 Raxy Beauty Box

I’m celebrating my birth month and kicking off spring with the March 2019 Raxy Beauty Box! This month’s theme is “a gentle impression of spring” and the skincare and beauty products certainly brighten up these early chilly spring days. I suspected that lip tints, eyeshadows, and fruit-scented skincare items would be included this month and I wasn’t disappointed!

Ink Cleansing Balm (Citrus)

クレンジングバーム シトラス

An intriguing format for a facial cleanser, the Ink Cleansing Balm is a waxy-like product that melts effortlessly with body heat to get rid of makeup and deep clean pores. Once it’s applied all over the face, use a bit of warm water to turn it into a milky cleanser, rub gently into the face and rinse with warm water.  It also adds a layer of sheen that leaves skin feeling smooth.
I often have trouble keeping my facial cleansing products from spilling when traveling (not to mention keeping little Kaiju hands out of my stuff), and I think this 20g trial size is the perfect solution to those problems. This balm is free of dyes, parabens, silicons, alcohol-free. It is available in citrus, rose, and unscented, and in two sizes: 20g (10 days), and 90g (50 days). I’ll be picking up the 20g during the next Rakuten sale to put away for traveling.
Available on Amazon Japan and Rakuten

Panpuri Thai Jasmine and Mint Body Cream

パンピューリ タイ ジャスミンジャスミンボディクリーム

Made in Thailand, Panpuri is a line of luxury creams, fragrances, shampoo, conditioners,and body washes made with 100% essential oils sourced from natural ingredients. Its products are free of artificial dyes, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, parabens, ethanol alcohol, and silicone.
Even though Panpuri does not use artificial fragrances, the rich scent of jasmine in this cream is powerful. As in, after unboxing, I unscrewed the cap just to test the smell, went out to the kitchen, and when I came back, the smell of jasmine mint had already filled the room. Little Kaiju has sensitive skin and all day I’m around kids, so I won’t be using this before heading off to work. However it has a wonderful aromatherapy effect so I like it use it while typing away late at night (like right now!).

Opera Lip Tint in Coral Pink (05)

OPERA リップティント  in コーラルピンク (05)

Branded as “the lips of a blushing bride”  (花嫁リップ | hana yome rippu), there’s a ton of buzz surrounding Opera lip tint. A few stories I’ve been to even had a special pop-up corner featuring this lip tint. Opera lip tint glides on smoothly while keeping lips moist. I can reapply this throughout the day without worrying about an icky, tacky buildup on my lips. Plus, it’s a beautiful sheer peach color that looks natural on my skin.
Available on Amazon Japan and Rakuten

DEW Brightening 7 Days Trial Kit

DEW ブライトニング 美白7日間体験セット

Produced by cosmetics manufacturer Kanebo, DEW is a new skincare line intended to revitalize dry, and dull skin through intense moisture. This month’s Raxy Box tie up coincides with the March 16th launch of the DEW Brightening series.  Like most Japanese “brightening” (美白 | bihaku) products, this series is intended to control the production of melanin, which causes freckles (ソバカス | sobakasu) and sun spots (シミ | shimi).
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The series consists of an toner (化粧水 | kesshosui), milky lotion (乳液 | nyuueki) and cream (クリーム | kuri-mu), though this set only includes the toner and milky lotion.  The toner and milky lotion are pre-packaged for day and night use. What I simply love about this 7 day trial set is the packaging, mainly the origami pop-up box and the daily inspirational quotes

As for the actual product, from what I can tell so far about this series, I’d almost consider it a practical (i.e. affordable) alternative to SK-II. I noticed a change in skin tone after using it for several nights and would be interested in picking up the night cream and adding it to my skin care routine.
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AMENITA Powder Pencil Eyeshadow  in Dark Brown (004)

アメニータ パウダーペンシルアイシャドー  in ダークブラウン (004)

CALEIDO ET BICE is a Japanese brand that uses the Italian words for “beauty” and “fortune.” My guess is that it’s to invoke the feeling of being in the area of southern Italy where the pesticide-free aloe vera and olives that make their way into its beauty products grow. At any rate, this Amenita Powder Pencil Eyeshadow packs on pigment all while gently adding color to the eyelids. To my surprise, it seriously does feel as soft as a powder.

This warm brown tone has just the faintest bit of shimmer that adds depth without looking too dramatic. It’s an eyeshadow but I use it as an eyeliner. Then, I get the outer corner of my lower lash line for a natural look. Afterwards, I line my waterline with a waterproof black eyeliner to really make my eyes pop.

Final Thoughts

I give the 2019 Raxy Beauty Box 4 out of 5 stars. I appreciate the variety of products but it’s amusing thatI get yet another product for my hands. Seems like the universe is trying to tell me that I’m overdue for a manicure!

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