May 2019 Raxy Beauty Box: Mamorare Face

I’m ending the month with a look inside this the May 2019 Raxy Beauty Box: Mamorare Face (守られフェイス).
My box contained all skincare items specifically selected to protect the skin from summer’s harsh heat and UV rays. (Mamorare, by the way, is from the Japanese word for “to protect.”)
One thing I love about Japanese skincare products is that they do more than just make your skin pretty — they’re all about prevention and rejuvenation.
Especially when it comes to sunscreen, the UV cut gels, creams, sprays, and powders work hard, which is exactly what the products in the May 2019 Raxy Beauty Box do.

Tour Vert Medicated Whitening Toner

トゥヴェール 薬用ホワイトニングローションαEX

One of two Tour Vert products in this month’s box, 6% of this toner are derivatives of vitamin C.
Why is this important? Because vitamin C improves skin quality, increased collagen and suppresses the production of melanin.  
Ideally, products with vitamin C should be applied in the morning before sunscreen, and I’ll be sure to add this to my morning skin care routine.
It’s odorless and has the consistency of water, and is also for oily skin, so I can overlook the “medicated” and “whitening” aspect.

MyEVERY Fresh C Mask 3.3

myEVERY フレッシュCマスク3.3

A sheet mask that promises to give you salon-like results from the comfort and privacy of your home, 3.3 % of Fresh C Mask 3.3 are derivatives of vitamin C (thus the 3.3).
To use, the vial of Vitamin C is added to the mask, which is coated in a powder:

After resealing the package, the mask is kneaded 20 times, shaken up 15 times, and made to sit for 1 minute.
This mask delivers when it comes to results. I was impressed at how the pores on my nose looked tighter, diminished and my skin smooth and radiant the following morning.
However, I’m growing a bit weary(?) impatient(?) with all these DIY facial masks. If I wanted a science project I’d do something with my kindergarten class! Maybe it’s because I just don’t have enough time or I’m tired of having an audience in during my skincare routine….

Ellculate Whitening UV Cream


I rolled my eyes when I saw this in my box because it says “Whitening UV Cream” AND it’s medicated. What I found out after doing a bit of research is that this is actually just an industrial strength sunscreen.
Maybe the “industrial strength” label might be a tad extreme, but Ellculate Whitening UV Cream is SPF50+ and PA++++, which is the highest designation in Japan for a sunscreen product. Alright, I’m sold.
After all, melanated people need sunscreen too, you know! Compared to my favorite sunscreen, Aneesa by Shiseido which is a milky product that dries powder, it leaves behind a faint white sheen on my skin. Still, it’s worth it to block any rays from the sun.
And, since Ellculate Whitening UV Cream also contains vitamin D (which comes from exposure to the sun’s rays), I have a feeling that this sunscreen might really, really work!

Nehan Tokyo Epsom Bath Salts


When I think of epsom salts, I immediately think of my grandmother who did a near-nightly epsom salt foot soak. Nehan Tokyo is rebranding these colorless and odorless epsom salts as a luxury skin care item. What makes them so special? Their salts are made from a high grade of magnesium sulfate that’s 99.99% pure.
(As a side note, I’d love to know the science behind these “99.99%” designations. Saying 100% might get a company into legal trouble, but that “.99” looks so…off. Anyway…)
An epsom salt bath is good for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin,and it’s recommended to take a 15-20 minute epsom salt bath everyday for optimal results. I think I’ll try this on my next bath time with little Kaiju and see if it will provide some relief for her eczema.

Tout Vert Mineral Foundation in Beige Ochre

トゥヴェールミネラルファンデーション ベージュオークル

The only makeup product this month,  Tout Vert Mineral Foundation in Beige Ochre is far too light to go with my skin tone. BUT, I’m not about to let this SPF30, PA++, 100% mineral powder go to waste! It’s a 4-in-1 product (primer + foundation + concealer + finishing powder). I’ll see how I can make it work with my current liquid foundations…

Final Thoughts

Despite all the “medicated” and “whitening” labels on near everything, I actually like this month’s box. A huge part of skincare is prevention, and blocking the harsh UV rays from the sun is a great start. I’d love it even more if it included a lip balm with a high SPF/PA rating.
The science mask was fine, but I probably won’t buy as it there are too many steps involved. If it were a one step process, I wouldn’t mind.
The Tour Vert toner, mineral foundation, and  Ellculate sunscreen will all go in my pool bag.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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