My Sephora Collection Summer Skincare Haul 

 Ready for another beauty post? This time I’m reviewing the beauty products I picked up on my Sephora Collection Summer Skincare Haul.

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried some American products, so I was rather excited to see what the Sephora Collection were all about. The Sephora Collection, by the way, is Sephora’s very own line of makeup, brushes, and skin care items. It’s an affordable range that complies with European and US cosmetics regulations, and the items come in attractive, colorful packaging.




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FYI: Sephora does ship to Japan, so if you’re wondering where to buy makeup in Japan or your favorite skincare items, you can always search there. Fragrances, aerosol sprays, and nail polishes however, do not ship to Japan.

Here’s what I got on my Sephora Collection Summer Skincare Haul (this post contains affiliate links):

Ultra Glow Serum: Glow + Strengthen Vitamin C Serum

I ran out of the Vitamin c serum gifted to me Raxy and wanted another. After debating on this Ultra Glow Serum or the OLEHENRIKSON Vitamin C Truth Serum, I settled on this. It’s a non-oily serum with a slight scent that comes in a generously sized bottle.

I use it in the morning on my face and neck after applying essence and before applying sunscreen. 

Vitamin C, which I’ve talked about in this summer skincare post, helps combat dark spots and is one of the ingredients commonly used in Japanese whitening cosmetics. The Ultra Glow Serum uses natural peptides from marine algae for a tightening effect. Overall, users reported more radiant skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 28 days of use.   I’m halfway there, so let’s see what happens in two more weeks!

Bawdy x Sephora Collection Butt Sheet Mask

You know I’m all about sheet masks, so when I saw that there’s sheet mask for the BUTT, I had to try them especially after reading the reviews. Plus, look at how cute the packaging is! The masks (2 separate sheets) actually have the same design! There are three different butt sheet masks and I got one of each:

  • Flaunt It Mask: Watermelon print. Uses mango, watermelon, and kiwi extracts to re-texture and rejuvenate
  • Love It Mask: Rainbow print. Contains Vitamin C and B3 to brighten, plumpen, and firm
  • Own It Mask: Palm tree print. For balancing and purifying.

The masks are a but tricky to apply but I loved the results. I seriously couldn’t stop touching my butt, that’s how soft and smooth the skin felt (and now I know why my 4 year olds are always constantly touching their butt). If you love doing stuff for the ‘Gram, these are so cute and very, very cheeky (get it?). I took a few belfies myself, but I won’t be sharing them anytime soon!

Penguins in Paradise Set

Penguins in Paradise is specially selected for smoothing, exfoliating, nourishing and healing sun damaged skin and hair. This 6 piece set was “only” 25 dollars. So, naturally I scooped it up in order to try a variety Sephora Collection items at once. It contains a face mask, exfoliating facial wipes, lip scrub/balm, hand lotion, and a hair mask.  I add “only” because the two reviewers seemed to think of it as pricey. But, I felt that I got great value for this set (it retails for $35).

Papaya Wipes

These Papaya Wipes are excellent for cleaning up after a hot day outside. We have pool time at kindergarten so when my kids are done changing, I sit at my desk to remove the old sunscreen and cleanse my face.

Just to let you know, the textured side feels like sharkskin and you should take great care when exfoliating.  Papaya, and papain extract, by the way, are very effective and natural exfoliators and these wipes really do a great job. The smooth side wipes off the old skin and removes makeup and is a very soothing followup to the exfoliation. The papaya scent is a great bonus, too. 

Kiwi Lip Scrub

Tiny sugar-like granules break down flaky skin leaving behind soft, kissable lips, while the invigorating kiwi scent is like a spa in a tube. I use this nightly after my face care routine. I apply the balm, rub in and let granules soften before wiping off and following up with a cream. This is a product that I probably wouldn’t have bought if it weren’t for the Penguins in Paradise set. However, but now that I’m familiar with it, I may try it again.

Watermelon After Sun Mask

I was really apprehensive about using the Watermelon After Sun Mask because it states that it’s “Quenching & tan-perfecting” and “prolongs a sun-kissed glow” yet “soothes sun-exposed skin and sustainably hydrates dry skin.” Not wanting to let it go to waste, however, I tried the Watermelon After Sun Mask after a long day at the beach and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

For starters, this is a 2 piece mask, one for the face and for the upper chest area. The masks are sandwiched between a layer of film and DRENCHED in a smells-so-good-I-could-literally-drink-this watermelon scented essence. Removing the masks from the layers is a bit tricky. You have to handle them with care as their texture is similar to wet rice paper wraps. However, it does an excellent job of locking in moisture and nourishing the areas on my chest where the sunscreen wore off. The pores on my nose (my trouble spot) were practically gone when I looked at my face the following morning.

Coconut Hand Balm

This Coconut Hand Balm is more like a lotion and because of that I’m rather disappointed. My hands are always dry because I’m always washing them and cleaning up at kindergarten. So, I prefer rich, thick creams. The scent is pleasant, and I’ve put this next to my vanity for easy access after washing my hands. Otherwise, I’m very “meh” about this product. NEXT!

Acai Hair Mask

I haven’t tried the Acai Hair Mask because it’s for color treated hair, which is easily damaged due to the harsh UV rays come summertime. I do want to play around color so I think I’ll save this mask for that time. Here’s a bit about the mask from Sephora: this is a night mask (actually a cream) that should be applied before bedtime. Cover hair in provided cap and let the cream work its magic overnight. According to the packaging, no rising is necessary. The next time I make a Sephora order, maybe I’ll try the rose or shea mask. 

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My Sephora Collection Summer Skincare Haul

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