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Pamper Yourself With Nellie Nellie Modeling Masks

Fall is here, and before you know it, winter will be, too! It’s time to prep your face for the dryness that’s sure to come. Why not get started and pamper yourself with Nellie Nellie modeling masks?

What Are Modeling Masks?

I admit that modeling masks are brand new territory for me. I had to do a bit of research. In recent years, modeling masks have become extremely popular in Korea.
You may be more familiar with the term “rubber mask,” called so because the mask takes on a rubbery-like appearance after it dries.
When you use a modeling mask, you get the face-hugging, moisture-retaining properties of a sheet mask and the pore cleansing properties of a clay mask.
Alicia Yoon breaks down modeling masks like this:

The rubber mask forms a non-reverse-osmosis occlusive barrier that causes a one-way forcing of the active ingredient into the skin, as the goop congeals into a single, rubbery sheet conformed to the contours of your face.

Pretty, neat right?
Now, in the same article, Alicia Yoon specifically mentions that she’s been using them for decades so, modeling masks aren’t exactly “new.” Social media, however, does a good job of hyping up stuff and making old things new again.
Because these modeling masks are becoming popular in Japan, they made a appearance in the September 2018 Raxy Beauty Box, which is how I first tried – and fell in love with Nellie Nellie molding masks.


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About Nellie Nellie

Nellie Nellie (ネリーネリー) is a brand of Korean modeling masks. I can’t find much information (in English) on them. Of of the few posts, two are mine! #humblebrag

Nellie Nellie Modeling Mask Product Line-Up

Green Apple (グリーンアップル | guri-n appuru

For moisturizing (保湿 | hoshitsu); exfoliation (角質ケア | kakushitsu kea);  resilient skin (肌のハリ | hada no hari); elasticity (弾力 | danroku);  smoothness (キメ | kime)

Jasmine (ジャスミン | jasumin)

For moisturizing (保湿 | hoshitsu); exfoliation (角質ケア | kakushitsu kea);  resilient skin (肌のハリ | hada no hari); smoothness (キメ | kime)

Lavender (ラベンダー | rabenda-)

For moisturizing (保湿 | hoshitsu); exfoliation (角質ケア | kakushitsu kea); smoothness (キメ | kime)

Pink Rose (ピンクローズ | pinku ro-zu)

For elasticity (弾力 | danroku);  smoothness (キメ | kime)

Peppermint (ペパーミント | pepa-minto)

For moisturizing (保湿 | hoshitsu); exfoliation (角質ケア | kakushitsu kea);  resilient skin (肌のハリ | hada no hari)

Pomegranate (ザクロ | zakuro)

For moisturizing (保湿 | hoshitsu); exfoliation (角質ケア | kakushitsu kea);  resilient skin (肌のハリ | hada no hari);  smoothness (キメ | kime)

How To Prepare

You’re supposed to mix these modeling masks inside the package, but that was a bit too messy for me last time. So, I added the powder to a bowl.

(Whether you’d like to mix it in the package or in a separate container is, of course, entirely up to you. I think that compared to my first time, I was able to get more product on my face when I used a bowl)
Add 4 spoonfuls of water, and mix with the flat side (handle) of the spoon. This handle also functions as a spatula for applying the product  to your face!

Mix until the modeling mask reaches the consistency of yogurt.
Apply to face using the mixing spoon. Be sure to coat your face in a layer that’s 3-5 mm thick. Too thin and you’ll have trouble peeling off the mask.
Make sure that no more than 5 minutes elapse between preparing the modeling mask and applying it to your face. Otherwise, the formula will start to harden.
Let the modeling mask sit for 10-15 mites. Have fun trying to pull it off in one go!
If you look at the texture of underside of the modeling mask, you can see how modeling masks got their nickname of  “rubber” mask.

Use a wet cloth and warm water to remove any remaining product, then continue with your skincare routine.


I noticed immediate results after taking off my mask. My pores were much smaller, my skin moist and supple, and my complexion brighter.
In the case of the peppermint mask, it cleared up the redness of a few PMS-induced pimples.
The following day, the application of my makeup primer and foundation was noticeably different as well. My powder did not set into my smile lines, either!

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Final Impression

I love these masks and will be making these a Sunday night thing to prep my skin for the following week.
The only downside to using these masks is that they are a bit messy. I have to carefully time my modeling masking to little Kaiju’s sleep pattern. Whereas if she woke up in the middle of the night when I’m using a sheet mask, I can easily peel it off.
Either way, these Nellie Nellie modeling masks will remain in my Rakuten shopping cart, waiting for the next shopping marathon. I bought lavender, jasmine, and pomegranate. The last two, green apple and pink, I will try next month.
Get yours on Rakuten or Amazon Japan. Happy shopping!

Pamper Yourself With Nellie Nellie Modeling Masks

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