Rainy Day Fun With Vessi Everyday Slip Ons

Those mid-summer temperatures that we had last week didn’t last long! (I’m still proud that I cranked out that list of 50 summer must-haves in one week.) Tsuyu, the rainy season is nearing, and while I normally dread this time of the year, things will be a bit different in the upcoming weeks. This year, I’ll be having lots of rainy day fun with Vessi Everyday Slip Ons!

I am a Vessi Partner and recieved a pair of Vessi Everyday Slip Ons in exchange for a post on Instagram. I’ve since fallen in love with these shoes and wanted to share them here!

About Vessi Footwear

Vessi Footwear launched in January 2018 and is a vegan shoe brand from Vancouver, Canada offering a lineup of casual yet stylish shoes that are suitable for walks, jogs, and light exercise. Each pair of Vessis is free of animal products and is developed with mindful manufacturing practices and durability.

Vessis are lightweight, breathable, and 100% waterproof shoes. In fact, they’re the first company to have made 100% waterproof shoes!

Are Vessi Shoes Really Waterproof?

What intrigued me the most about Vessi Footwear is the claim on its FAQ. It states: “Vessis are 100% waterproof, sand proof, snow and slush proof, as well as wind proof – and it’s not a coating!”

That’s a bold statement to make, isn’t it? Apparently, Vessis are 100% waterproof due to “Dyma-Tex,” a chemical-free waterproof layer developed by Vessi Footwear. Dyma-Tex has millions of pores to let out heat and moisture from our feet while keeping out water.

Finally, the Dyma-Tex material “is also treated with a water-repellent layer to allow dirt, stains, and water to bead right off the surface.” (Source: Business Insider)

Now, while Vessis are waterproof, you just can’t go diving into a pool or go rafting in your Vessis. You should stay out of any body of water that’s more than ankle high, otherwise water will get in. However, the FAQ is reassuring:

“[I]f water did get inside for whatever reason just let your shoes dry in a well ventilated area and they’ll be good for the next rainy day in no time.”

Sounds promising!

Vessi Everyday Slip Ons

Vessis are available in three styles: Cityscape Sneakers, Everyday Sneakers, and Everyday Slip Ons.

I think the lace-up types are more stylish. But, considering my current routine when out with a dog and a toddler, (and general shoes-on/shoes-off life in Japan), I chose the simplicity of the easy-on, easy-off Everyday Slip Ons.

The Vessi Everyday Slip Ons fit like a sock, and you actually don’t need to worry about wearing socks with Vessis. (Yay! Less laundry for me!)





These shoes are extremely versatile and are perfect for walking around the neighborhood and weekly supermarket runs. They’re great for camping, light hikes and light exercise, too.

If you’re feeling stylish, you can pair them with tapered joggers or a midi-length skirt.

I’m unsure when I’d be able to return to the kindergarten classroom, but the Everyday Slip Ons would also make a fantastic shoe for teachers and anyone else on their feet for extended periods of time. Traveling may not be on our itineraries any time soon, but these would be perfect for travel, as well.

As we adjust to our new normal in the COVID-19 pandemic, I will have plenty of rainy day fun with my Vessi Everyday Slip Ons and my crew!

Want Your Own Pair of Vessis?

If you would like to get your own pair of Vessi shoes, head to vessifootwear.com. Use my coupon code WADATENI25 to save $25 off your purchase!

Vessi Footwear currently ships to:

Canada (shop online at www.vessifootwear.ca)
New Zealand
South Korea
United States

P.S. Vessi Footwear offers FREE shipping for international orders over $35!

Rainy Day Fun With Vessi Everyday Slip Ons

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