Raxy Beauty Box for October 2018: Moisture Me

We’re at the end of October, which means the latest Raxy beauty box has arrived. Let’s take a look inside the Raxy Beauty Box for October 2018: Moisture Me, which contains products by Alface, Koh Gen Do, Andfutele, Naturaglace, Chant A Charm, Picomonte, and Ora2.

What’s Inside

I have to say that the curators behind the box have done it again with selecting products that I actually like! Working semi-full time and with a monster in tow, I now rarely have time to casually browse the aisles of a drugstore and pick up products that interest me. But, the Raxy Beauty Box does all of that for me.
October’s selection features products intended to moisturize the skin and get it ready for harsh winter dryness. Though I already got a head start on changing up my skincare routine (and makeup) for fall, it doesn’t hurt to try new things!

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Alface Diamond Moisture Sheet Mask

オルフェス アクアモイスチャーマスク ダイヤモンドモイスチャー

Alface is a brand of sheet masks with 10 products in its lineup. The Diamond Moisture sheet mask contain 17 amino acids and 14 different botanical extracts. There’s nothing that I love more when making than getting my money’s worth my slathering the excess esene all over my neck and body. So, to me, this is the perfect hydrating mask to use after taking a bath because the essence is gel-like and practually drip-free. I also love the woven texture and fabric of the mask, which does a great job of locking in moisture.
Available on Amazon, Amazon Japan, and Rakuten Japan.

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Gono Lotion II

江原道 オリエンタルプランツ 五能ローション Ⅱ

Koh Gen Do is one of Japan’s leading luxury cosmetics and skincare brands. Starting with its roots in sawanky Azabu Juban to its presence in glitzy Hollywood, Koh Gen Do has legions of fan across the world, all thanks to the effort of acrtess Ai Saotome.
Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Gono Lotion II is a lightweight, hydrating essence for dry skin that glides onto the skin, leaves no residue and is made with a blend of 36 (!) botanical extracts. This is part of the “gono” (5 functions) beauty series which lifts and makes the skin supple, and enchances the skin’s smoothness, firmness, and luster.
It also contains no fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colors, and is alcohol-free. I’d love to add this to my skincare routine permanently, but a girl can dream, right?
Available on Amazon, Amazon Japan, and Rakuten Japan.

Andfutele  (&fute’le) Frappetint Watery W Tint Lip&Cheek

アンフュテール フラペティント(ウォータリー・ダブル・ティント・リップ&チーク

Andfutele (&fute’le) is a Korean line of lipsticks and cream blush duos called Frappetint. While two-way products are hardly innovative, Frappetint lipsticks are worth buying simply for the novelty factor.

First, you click the end of the “pen” to release the tint, which allows for just the right amount of product to some out. Secondly, and most importantly, is the feel of these Frappetints. It literally feels like I was rubbing water on my lips (they’re actually 40% water), yet the tint dried instantly into a long-lasting, semi-matte color. I think I just might try the Frappetint in another color.
Available on Amazon Japan, and Rakuten Japan.

Picomonte Pico Lash Essence In Long Mascara

ピコモンテ ピコラッシュ エッセンスインロングマスカラ

I wasn’t expecting a mascara sample when I opened my package, but Picomonte Essence In Long Mascara is growing on me. Heroine Make mascara has been my go-to product for so long, that I hardly ever gave thought to switching things up. My eyelids and eyelashes have gotten so used to the weight of the formula that whenever I use Picomonte’s mascara, it feels like nothing is there.

It’s incredibly lightweight, contains ingredients that nourishes the eyelashes and is waterproof, yet it easily comes off with just hot water. The results are not as dramatic, but its does a great job of defining and lengthening my lashes without clumping together.
Available on Rakuten Japan.

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Naturaglace Makeup Cream

ナチュラグラッセ メイクアップクリーム

One of my biggest worries about trying a beauty subscription box here in Japan was receiving products that clearly did not suit my skin tone. My box contained Naturaglace Makeup Cream in champagne beige, and I was really hesitant about using it.
But, once I tried it, I had nothing to worry about. On my skin, it’s like a sheer highlighter that adds the right amount of warmth to even out my skin tone. The herbal scent is a nice touch, too.

Naturaglace Makeup Cream is a SPF44 PA+++  CC cream free of mineral oils, artificial fragrances, paraben, and silicone. It works as a primer, sunscreen, moisturizer and even protects the skin from the blue light that’s emitted from computers!
Available on Amazon Japan and Rakuten Japan.

Chant A Charm Skincare Sampler

チャントアチャーム ベーシックライン サンプルセット

Chant A Charm is a line of organic skincare products that uses onsen (hot spring) water from Japan’s Northern Alps. It’s everything that you would expect from an organic skincare product — natural ingredients, a very faint, herbal scent, and results that deliver. My favorite product in this sampler is the cleansing “milk” (lotion).

I’ve never used a lotion-type makeup remover /facial cleanser before, and I like that it removes makeup, leaves my skin feeling smooth, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, nor does it make me sneeze. (I tend to sneeze a lot after washing my face. No matter what product I try, I sneeze like crazy!). I used this along with the Alface Diamond sheet mask, and now I can’t stop touching my face.
Available on Amazon Japan and Rakuten Japan.

Ora2 Premuium Breath Fragrance Mouth Wash

オーラツー プレミアム ブレスフレグランス マウスウォッシュ

It seems like Japanese companies love to put “premium” on nearly anything, and the trend has now extended into oral care! You can’t deny the importance of oral care and fresh breath, and I appreciate having these in my beauty box.
Each box comes with 8 sticks that easily fit into a makeup pouch (or an overstuffed bag for carry-on liquids!). I’ll definitely be buying a few boxes to have on hand for traveling.
Available on Amazon Japan and Rakuten Japan.

Ready to Raxy?

If you want to try Raxy, the beauty box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points! Next month’s theme is all about translucent skin that glows. Rumour has it that the November box will feature SK-II products. If so, I can’t wait!

Ready to Raxy?

If you want to try Raxy, the Beauty Box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

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Raxy Beauty Box for October 2018: Moisture Me

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