Raxy December 2018 Beauty Box

My Raxy December 2018 Beauty Box, “Happy Gift To You” has arrived. Sure it’s already January, but my husband was kind enough to bring it with him when he came to visit us in South Carolina. Let’s take a look at what’s inside!

The Raxy December 2018 Beauty Box features cosmetics by Makeup Revolution, and Vecure Honey. There’s also a face mask by Transino and a sample of fabric softener by Lenor.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar

Makeup Revolution is a London-based, cruelty-free brand of makeup products. Its signature item its the Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette.

I’m a fan of nudes, so when I saw the colors inside the Pink Fizz Chocolate Bar, I was slightly disappointed. But the names of all 16 colors were so festive and just appropriate for the holiday season. Plus, it seems faintly like strawberries!
I dislike the sponge tip applicator, but the pigmentation is lovely.

I Heart Revolution Lip Geek

This peachy coral color is Caught Myself Smiling and glides on smoothly without leaving my lips dry, though I apply over a nude lip color to control the brightness.
Like the Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, the packaging is very bold, flirty, and cute, though a bit too cute for me. However, it is very insuta bae, or Instagram worthy!
This is my first encounter with Makeup Revolution products and I would definitely like to try more in the future, albeit with nude colors and subdued packaging.

Vecua Honey Cream Balm

濃密マルシェのクリームバーム ガーランド

Where has this stuff been hiding? I LOVE this creamy, buttery body balm! With just a hint of a honey scent, it practically melts into my skin without leaving it feel greasy.
I’m always losing the caps to my hand crema, resulting in an icky mess in my handbags, but this is a tin with a lid that screws on. Let’s see if my little monster can open it! (Let’s be real: she probably can!)

Transino Medicated Whitening Facial Mask


This is a medicated whitening (美白 | bihaku) sheet mask. I’ve discussed my feelings towards Japanese whitening products on this blog over the summer and how some brands use “whitening” and “brightening” interchangeably. According to the product description it works to suppress the production of melanin and to prevent sun spots and freckles.
I already get pale in the winter, so much that I have to change my foundation, but there’s no denying that skin is susceptible to UV damage even in the winter.

Lenor Fabric Softener

レノア オードリュクス

I’m used to fabric softeners that come in dryer sheet form, so it took awhile to get used to the concept of liquid fabric softener. While I’m sure Blooming Paradise smells lovely, this fabric softener is something I cant use it as I don’t want to worsen little Kaiju’s skin problems. Actually, I can’t even remember the last time I used fabric softener so I don’t think I’m missing out on much here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Transino sheet mask and Lenor fabric softener were misses, but the creamy balm, Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette and lipstick made up for the Raxy December 2018 beauty box.

Ready to Raxy?

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Raxy December 2018 Beauty Box

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