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Raxy November 2018 Beauty Box

The Raxy November 2018 beauty box has arrived and it’s a SK-II skincare set!
I’m completely new to SK-II products so it’s awesome (and unreal) that I get a trial set for the price of one Raxy monthly subscription.

Now, I’m a bit overdue with this review of the Raxy November 2018 beauty box as it’s my second beauty box of the month.
Last month I entered a Raxy hashtag contest and won a special beauty box! It’s very different than my other Raxy boxes so far. It features loads of fancy Western brands and premium Japanese brands.


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I’m in love with the Laura Ashley body cream and seriously need more of it. I’m also obsessed with the Deep Layer H hair treatment. Combined with the Miss Joange hair oil my twist outs are looking fabulous and lasting a whole lot longer.
However, right now I’m slightly overwhelmed with all the beauty and skincare stuff piled up in my bathroom. This why it’s taken me so long to try the contents of the Raxy November 2018 box. (Is this what it’s like to be a full-time beauty blogger?!)

About SK-II

Sk-II is a premium skincare brand developed right here in Japan. The minimalist packaging is a stark contrast to other skincare brands of the same price range, but it’s nonetheless a cult product that beauty gurus often rave about.
What makes SK-II so special (and pricey) is pitera, a trademarked ingredient that scientists  harvested from a strain of yeast. You can read the details here, but the TL;DR version is that they’ve basically used the fermentation process to harvest a magical ingredient that makes the skin so bright and smooth.
Fermentation, by the way, is a staple in Japanese cuisine and has given us miso, soy sauce, and little Kaiju’s favorite, natto! (Seriously, she goes wild over natto.)

Facial Treatment Mask

フェイシャル トリートメント マスク

Ever since I tried the Alface face masks last month, I’ve been eager to try face masks made from a firmer material. The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is a thick, sturdy mask designed to fit around 12 different locations on the face.
It’s oozing with a gooey gel-like substance that’s rich with pitera goodness. (Apparently it’s coated in 30 mL of essence.) After I rubbed the excess mask liquid all over my body, I stapled the pouch shut to save the remainder of the liquid.

This stuff work miracles. I left it on my face for 30 minutes (getting my money’s worth!) and saw immediate results. Look at that glow!

Facial Treatment Essence

フェイシャル トリートメント エッセンス

Whenever anyone raves about SK-II, it’s most likely that they’re talking about the Facial Treatment Essence. It’s the backbone of SK-II’s lineup, but truthfully I wasn’t impressed by it (yet).
I am aware that SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence does not deliver overnight results. Perhaps after I finish using this bottle I will change my tune. However, I do like that it is nearly unscented though it’s too watery for my liking as I prefer thicker liquids.

R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion

R.N.A. パワー ラディカル ニュー エイジ エアリー ミルキー ローション

R.N.A. stands for “radical new age” and this is a part of SK-II’s anti-aging skincare line. The packaging says lotion but this right here is an excellent night cream. It’s a hydrating cream that blends in effortlessly into my skin.
I use it on my face and neck before going to bed, and I love the way my face glows and feels so soft in the morning. I’ve read that this product does wonders for minimizing pores so I am looking forward to similar results.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I must say that SK-II products do live up to the hype and have improved my skin’s complexion. However, I’m not 100% percent sold on the Facial Treatment Essence (maybe I’m just being cheap?).
The mask is my favorite product of this 3 piece set, and I would love to mask once or even twice a month to indulge myself. I also love how my skin looks and feels in the morning after using the R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion.
Maybe during the next Rakuten shopping marathon I will treat myself to an SK-II set. Christmas is almost here, after all!

Ready to Raxy?

If you want to try Raxy, the Beauty Box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

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