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Raxy September 2018 Beauty Box

The theme of the Raxy September 2018 beauty box is honnori no aki (ほんのり秋 |”a little autumn”). Take a look at the skincare products available this month!

Last month’s Raxy came in an attractive sea green case, while this month is a lovely deep pink, perfect for fall!

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Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip Balm
NIVEA リッチケア&カラーリップ

When it comes to keeping lips hydrated, you can’t go wrong with Nivea! Still, I’m very satisfied with my Kate lip balms so I’m passing this one to little Kaiju. She loves rummaging around in my makeup drawer, so now she has her very own “lipstick.”

The color is a beautiful translucent Bordeaux and it does a very good job of hydrating her chapped lips.
Plus, it’s SPF 20 PA++ and it has a trifecta of moisturizing ingredients — macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil!


ニベア リッチケア&カラーリップ 大人のボルドー(2g)【ニベア】
価格:615円(税込、送料別) (2018/10/1時点)


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Pluskirei Plus Pure VC25

I’m really serious about getting my skin to a normal condition after being out in the sun all summer.

This serum contains 25% highly concentrated vitamin C, perfect for dealing with sunspots and hyperpigmentation.

Just add 3-4 drops after applying toner or skin lotion.

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Miss Joange Souer de Bouquet Hair Oil
ミスジョアンジュ フレグランス ヘアオイル

Why Japanese companies insist on giving their products French names is beyond me. Especially since it would make more sense that this magnolia scented hair oil would have a Southern sounds name- Like Miss Maddie’s Sweet Fragrance.

Naming issues aside, I like the feel and scent of this lightweight hair treatment oil. Little Kaiju and I both use it after towel drying our hair, and it’s also good to use on pool days.

I think I’ve found a reliable (and affordable!) Japanese hair product that works wonders for our hair. I’m in love with how alive my curls look after a taking out my two-strand twists!

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Nellie Nellie Modeling Mask
ネリーネリーモデリングマスク ペパーミント

This peppermint-scented modeling mask is my favorite Raxy item! I normally hate clay masks or any kind of liquid masks because they’re so messy. But, this one is definitely worth it, especially if you have oily skin like me!

After adding water with the mixing spoon provided, you mix it in the package and then apply on your face, then leave on for 10-15 minutes.
I saw instant results after taking it off, from diminishing the size of pores to the redness from a few PMS related pimples. I’ll definitely consider adding this into my normal skin care regime.


ネリーネリーモデリングマスク ペパーミント (2503-0301)
価格:648円(税込、送料別) (2018/9/30時点)




Meisuru Eye Skin Cream Eyelid and Eyelash Cream
アイスキンケアクリーム まぶた&まつ毛美容クリーム

I’ve never tried a cream specifically for the eyelids/eyelashes, so I don’t know what to expect from such a product.

But,  considering that the eyelid skin is so delicate and that I use mascara everyday, it would be worthwhile to try this cream.

A little goes a long way, just 2 drops are enough to cover both eyes and the eyelashes. Even if I use it every night, it seems like this tube will last me for a while! The


メシル アイスキンケアクリーム(16g)【ロート】
価格:1350円(税込、送料別) (2018/9/30時点)




Overall Impression of Raxy September 2018 Beauty Box

I chose a skincare based Raxy beauty box, but admit that I got jealous when I saw the autumn eye shadow palettes that some people got in their Raxy this month. But, I’m very satisfied with the skincare items in the Raxy September 2018 Beauty Box.
Next month’s time is “Moisture Me” and I’m sure it will be heavy on skincare items– just in time for the change in seasons and winter dryness!
If you want to try Raxy, the beauty box from Rakuten Japan, then use my code qa3c19 when you sign up. We’ll both earn 100 Rakuten Super Points!

Raxy September 2018 Beauty Box

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