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Sakuraco Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box

Last Updated on 2024-03-07 by Teni

Guess what just arrived in time for #tastyTuesday? The Sakuraco Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box!

The timing of this box couldn’t be more perfect as cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully across Japan. However, those of us in the Kanto region have had to reschedule our weekend hanami parties as it’s been nothing but rainy days since the Spring Equinox. At least I can stay dry and enjoy the seasonal delights with the Sakurako Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box!

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Sakuraco Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box





If you’re new to Sakuraco, here’s what makes this service stand out from other Japanese subscription snack box services.

Not only do you receive a premium selection of authentic Japanese snacks like cakes, mochi, manju, yokan, crackers, and teas, each Sakuraco box comes with Japanese home goods! So, even after you’ve finished all the treats in your box, your Sakuraco experience lingers on.

The February 2023 Sakuraco Valentine’s Day Box came with an adorable red bowl that I use for miso soup! And take a look at this absolutely adorable cherry blossom dish that came in the Sakuraco Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box:

I’ll definitely be hanging on to this one and even incorporating it in future Spring themed flatlays!

If you love sakura season, you simply cannot miss out on getting your hands on this box!

I personally recommend the Sakura Warabimochi:





Each Sakuraco box comes with a beautifully detailed gourmet guide and travel booklet!

The Sakuraco box is a fantastic opportunity to taste the best authentic treats from Japan. To get your own Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box, click here to place your order before April 15!

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Sakuraco Arrival of Sakura April 2023 Box Pin

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