Seoul Food: Top 5 Places to Eat in Insadong

I’m busy planning a fall/winter excursion with my girl. I have so many domestic spots to see, but my stomach keeps yearning for Seoul food! Which made me think of my top 5 places to eat in Insadong.

Honorable Mention: Street Food Stalls

insadong gil street food vendors
I can’t write a list of places to eat in Insadong without first including the street vendors and their fantastic offerings.
The egg cakes are a must try and a cup of freshly picked fruit will make you feel better about all the binge eating you’ve done (or will do) on your trip. On a summer day you might even get lucky and come across a cocktail cart!
cocktail cart in insadong seoul korea
Head to the intersection of Insadong Gil and Samil Daero to get started. At night, hit up Street Food Street right outside Jong-ro 3-ga station.
insadong street food street sign
Don’t forget to stock up on “2+ 1” and “1 + 1” drinks at the convenience store to take back to your hotel.

5. Paris Baguette


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I love staying in Insadong because the area just feels like it’s somewhere I’d live if I were an expat in Korea. On top of that, there’s a direct train line to the neighborhood from Gimpo Airport (the purple train that I call the “Hanzomon Line”).
When in Insadong, I either stay at Insadong Crown Hotel or Ibis Ambassador Hotel and like to get my carb fix at the nearby Paris Baguette.
breakfast for 2 at paris baguette
It’s the perfect place for breakfast or brunch, snacks, dessert or just hanging out. Like Starbucks, Paris Baguette is a restaurant chain, so you can find them anywhere. But, the one in Insadong makes me feel right at home.
bread and drinks from paris baguette

4. Starbucks


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Yes, Starbucks, isn’t unique to Seoul, or Korea for that matter, but did you know that there are at least 300 Starbucks shops in Seoul?
The Starbucks on Insadong stands out because of its sign written in hangul. Instantly recognizable, you’ll be sure to get lots of “likes” posing in front of it! The storefront got a makeover this summer, and it looks much sleeker and stylish now.
Even if you’re not a caffeine-lover (I’m not a coffee drinker), there’s something on the menu for you. Large windows on the second floor offer the perfect opportunity for watching the main street of Insadong.
view from insadong starbucks on insadong gil

3. Gong Cha

exterior of gong cha
Originally from Taiwan, Gong Cha is a chain of bubble tea shops popular all over Asia. What makes Gong Cha so special is that you can customize your drink to your liking by adjusting the size, amount of sugar, ice, and other ingredients.

For me the appeal is lies in my routine — there’’s nothing like hitting up Gong Cha before taking a relaxing stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream.
My nearest Gong Cha opened up in Ikspiari mall last year, and it still attracts huge crowds.


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I’ve been a few times, but my favorite drink is winter melon tea, which isn’t on the menu. In fact, I have yet to encounter outside of Korea.
LPT: Winter Melon Tea is shockingly sweet! If you want to try it, opt for no sugar and extra ice.

2. Bonjuk

exterior of insadong bonjuku
You can certainly fill up on a budget on a trip to Seoul! No matter where you go there’s always something delicious to try.
But if you’re looking for something healthy or want to try a traditional meal, head straight to Bonjuk.
bonjuk rice porridge for 2
With every bowl of porridge you get an assortment of toppings for customizing your meal just right. The servings are incredibly generous (AKA large) so if you have hunger pangs after a night out, Bonjuk is the spot to rejuvenate and start the next day of your Seoul adventure!

1. Spice Chicken

exterior or insadong spice chicken
If you love spicy food, this is the place for you. Located on Street Food Street, Spice Chicken is had to miss with its red and green sign. Passing by quickly, you’d almost mistake the place for a sports bar, but it is anything but. The restaurant is family run, and the locals love it.
interior of spice chicken in insadong
As the name suggests, the menu features chicken, spicy chicken to be exact. When ordering, you can adjust the spiciness of your dish according a scale on the menu, but I will admit that even the lowest level packs a bit of a punch.
spice chicken fries and chicken platter
All dishes come with several side snacks, fries, and a salad. The salad dressing has a creamy apple or pear taste. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it’s delicious!
spice chicken platter with side dishes

What’s your favorite Korean dish?

Seoul Food: Top 5 Places to Eat in Insadong

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