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The Memories (and Food) of Brisbane and Gold Coast

Around this time last year, little Kaiju and I ventured Down Under with a dear friend. So I’ve been reflecting on the memories (and food) of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

It was our first adventure outside Japan or the US, which made our Australian chapter of travel with baby a memorable one! This is a very photo heavy post, so enjoy!


Punthill Brisbane

We stayed at Punthill Brisbane, a hotel within walking distance of Central Station and the sights and delights of Queen St, Mall and the commercial district of Brisbane.

Queen St. Mall 

Queen St. is lined with a mix of  shops and open air cafes in the center.

They’re all are stroller friendly with great views. The hardest part is figuring out where you want to eat!

Myer Centre

The place to go if you need to change diapers or chill in a relaxed space is Myer Center. I always thought changing rooms in Japan were awesome, but when I stepped into the Parents’ Room at Myer Centre, I was very impressed!

Mt. Coot-tha


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Mt. Coot-tha Summit Lookout _____________ On our first full day in Brisbane we headed up to Mt. Coottha to see the city from above. .. .. I was very pleasantly surprised that the summit was relatively stroller friendly. Encountered some stairs at Kuta Cafe but there was plenty of space for baby’s stroller once we got inside. .. .. In fact, Brisbane is just such a baby friendly city, from public transport to shopping malls, compared to Tokyo. .. .. We’re supposed to be doing so much in preparation for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. It’s hard for me to get around with a stroller- I imagine Paralympic athletes, spectators with disabilities will certainly face challenges in this city if changes aren’t made.

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This scenic lookout point is accessible by bus and there’s toilet for changing baby right at the entrance. Keep in mind that the cafe is not accessible by stroller. Lift it up or leave it on the grassy knoll.

South Bank Parklands and Waterfront

This marine area even has a man-made beach! The grassy area is just the perfect place to relax, spread out a blanket, and let a baby crawl or walk around.
The path along the waterfront has the most breathtaking views of a city that I’ve ever seen.


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And, crossing the Victoria Bridge is definitely an experience that must be had!


When I first searched for “things to do in Brisbane,” museums always came up and I couldn’t figure out why. Once I visited the city it made sense- they’re all free!
While quiet, they are extremely kid-friendly so I didn’t need to panic if little Kaiju starts to cry. I managed to squeeze in Museum of Brisbane and Queensland Art Gallery.

Chinatown and Bakery Lane

We stumbled across this place by accident roaming around Fortress Hill and Chinatown and I’m glad we did. Tucked away on side streets are small boutiques and charming outdoor eateries and the namesake bakeries as well.

Gold Coast

Watermark Hotel & Spa

We stayed at Watermark Hotel & Spa, which was literally in front of Surfers Paradise Station in the G Link tram line.

This made it extremely easy to explore the main areas of Gold Coast.

Pacific Fair

This mega mall offers way more than simply shopping. There’s more than 400 shops, from drugstore to luxury brands.
What really got me was seeing the piers. I kept hoping I would see some fabulous couple would speed off in their boat after spending serious cash.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

There’s so much to enjoy at the wildlife sanctuary, like hunting for these koala art!

We booked a last-minute tour from the JTB office on Surfers Paradise Boulevard and it was completely worth it.


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The toilets are large enough to accommodate strollers and there are nursing rooms throughout the sanctuary,
Of course, we just had to take a photo while we were there!


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Surfer’s Paradise and Cavill Avenue

The perfect place to soak up the sun is no doubt this iconic beach.


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We walked nearly the entire length of Surfer’s Paradise and loved seeing the residential area as well.

Across the street from the beach are plenty of shops and cafes on Cavill Avenue just waiting to be explored.


Foodie in Paradise — The Tastes of Brisbane and Gold Coast


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Travel With Baby Isn’t Always Fun… But There’s Always A Bright Side

She wouldn’t sleep in the cot so I made a futon out of bedding and sofa pillows. A few days left on our Brisbane/Gold Coast trip, I ran out of diapers… and baby food!
It was our first foray into introducing solids, and I was still getting a feel of what the monster liked. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t eat any of the prepacked food that my husband bought. In the end, I bought a package of strawberries and added veggies.

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In the end, what made our trip so special was the souvenir I got on our last day — my girl’s first tooth!

What’s your dearest travel memory?

The Memories (and Food) of Brisbane and Gold Coast


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