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The One Year Blogiversary and Rebirth of Baby Kaiju

It’s been nearly two weeks since Baby Kaiju was put out of commission. Two weeks is a long time on the internet, and I even thought about throwing in the towel.


In April, I reached my one-year blogiversary. On top of that, I hit 2.6K monthly views and 10,000+ total views. If I’m gonna go out, I thought, why not go out on a bang?
But I’m stubborn (I’m an Ox Aries — stubborn is an understatement!). Plus, I love challenges. It’s probably the reason why I am still abroad after all these years. So, throwing in the towel doesn’t come easily to me.
My time away from the blog was spent reflecting on this project, my journey of motherhood, and thinking about my career as a content creator.
Oh, and I got to watch The Punisher finally. (It was amazing, by the way. It’s got manpain, a plot device family, excessive violence, and good old fashioned USA patriotism.)

The Role Of Baby Kaiju

And as luck would have it, just as my blog went down, I’ve been getting requests to collaborate with brands and participate in various projects.
Not to exaggerate, but… I get questions all the time about where to go in Tokyo with a baby, what items to buy, how to travel around Japan with a baby.
It turns out that what started as a diary for me, has become something bigger, a source of up-to-date, first-hand information about “real” life in Japan.
As I wrote about what I knew, making personal posts, my topics shifted to my interests and my life beyond motherhood.
I began to take blogging seriously and use it to produce quality content and to establish a brand as a content creator and now influencer. I even caved in and registered my name as a domain.
My content creator profile, portfolio, and social media insight posts are now over at (Trust me — You can’t believe just how weird that is to write!)
It’s been one year, but I didn’t do this alone. I reached this very important milestone with my readers, but there’s more work to be done.
This post marks the rebirth of Baby Kaiju and I’ve got big plans for the blog’s second year.

What’s Next For Baby Kaiju

First and foremost, I need to restore my old posts. With no backup (well I had a backup, I just don’t have the skills to restore it) I’m relying on my .doc files and pulling up old posts from Google cache.
Once my main posts are back up, then I’ll be back to posting on a set schedule.
One new category I want to introduce to the blog is “Fabulous Friday Finds.”  A bit of a homage to my fashionista gyaru days, I will introduce my latest buys… which will be anything from cosmetics, snacks/drinks, 100 yen shop purchases, and even things for little Kaiju.
I will release my e-book on baby led weaning ideas.
Lastly, my online boutique, The Wagamama Mama, will open in June.
These past 12 months have been an incredible journey. The past 2 weeks were just what I needed to refocus.
Here’s to year 2 and beyond of Baby Kaiju!

The One Year Blogiversary And Rebirth of Baby Kaiju

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