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The Ultimate Free Image Source For Bloggers

Let’s face it: when it comes to blogs, images are everything. No images leaves your readers with a boring block of text. Use the wrong images, and you could be setting yourself up for a legal catastrophe. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had access to the ultimate free image source for bloggers?

But, who has the time to search through a gazillion stock images to find the perfect photo to match the content of their post? I’ve searched through so many free sites that I can instantly recognize stock photos!

Of course, you can always use your own photos.  But, you’ll always have to worry about web hosting space as larger files can slow down your your page speed and loading time. Change the dimensions too much and you’ll mess up the resolution.

So, what’s a blogger to do?

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Here’s a trick saves me time, server space, and most importantly, has also increased engagement across social media platforms.

Want to know what it is?

First, take a look at the Baby Kaiju landing page.

Then, check out My Natural Hair Journey In Japan.

Notice anything?

How about this listicle, 10 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo With A Toddler.

Or this one, A Mini Guide To Japan’s Seasonal Drink And Snack Ingredients.

Still don’t see it?

I recycle my Tweets and Instagram posts!

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It’s so ridiculously simple, I’m surprised that I didn’t think of it sooner.

But  as I’ve been blogging and using Twitter and Instagram for just over a year, I have a (small) library of material to choose from.

And, from this library I can now go back and embed images that match the topic of my blog post.

What more, each embedded post is a direct call-to-action. So instead of having to write “Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Whatever,” my accounts are already there.

Plus, readers will know you’re on those platforms.   This tells them that if they don’t follow you, this is the kind of content that they’re missing out on.

For example, I love Japanese sweets, but those posts don’t really work well as blog posts. But, my tweets about the latest Japanese snacks and drinks get me the most engagement on Twitter.

I went back to all posts about Japanese sweets and embedded relevant tweets, earning me more engagement. People might not comment on a blog post (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) but they can certainly like or retweet with ease! Boom, instant engagement!

I’ve also been going through my older posts and embedding relevant Tweets and Instagram posts. I try not to obsess over traffic, but I do monitor my stats. It’s great when I see an older post getting views and when readers click on/like the corresponding Instagram post.

If you’ve just started your social media accounts, you may not have much to work with. But, you can spread the love by giving your friends shoutouts and the accounts that give you high engagement .

Simply return the favor by embedding one of their posts, tweets, or link to a Youtube video in your blog. If social media is about building your your brand, you’ll definitely need connections along the way. Why not lift each other up as you grow? 

For more social media tips, Craig Hoffman of  Grey, Grizzled, and Gaijin has put together 10 Awesome Social Media Posts To Get Your Content Bouncing (And Food You Must Eat In Japan). It’s well worth a read if you wantt to take your blog to the next level in 2019!




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