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Tokyo Bay Fun At Urayasu Sogo Park

Another weekend has come and gone! Normally we’d have some Tokyo Bay Fun at Urayasu Sogo Park (浦安市総合公園 | urayasu shi sougou kouen). But, with the unpredictability of the rainy season, coupled with toddler health drama, our outings have been put on hold. Quite a shame as Urayasu Sogo Park is really growing on me.
In a way the park looks like a fortress or something. It’s surrounded by this funky water fountain,

and “Tokyo Bay” Disney hotels. But walk past all that,
and all you’ll see is greenery…
And while Kasai Rinkai Park on the opposite side of Tokyo Bay in Edogawa-ku may get all the attention, with its aquarium and Ferris wheel, I much prefer Urayasu Sogo Park. For what it’s worth, Kasai Rinkai Park is closer for me but gets really congested on the weekends.
I’ve seen the “sogo” translated as “total” (Google Maps) and “comprehensive” (Trip Advisor). I call Urayasu Sogo Park a seaside oasis because it’s an immaculately plotted public space of reclaimed land directly facing Tokyo Bay.


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It seems like Urayasu Sogo Park attracts locals, while Kasai Rinkai Park is central Tokyo’s largest park and attracts people from all over Tokyo and neighboring Chiba. (This is just an informal survey from observing license plates in both parking lots. Which, by the way, parking is FREE at Urayasu! You can’t beat that!).
The  playground has a lot of equipment and gets a lot of action so we stick to the grassy area and pitch a tent. There’s Lawson on the ground floor of a nearby hotel, perfect for buying drinks and picnic snacks.
There’s also a day camp/BBQ space, which is unfortunately not pet-friendly, so  I can’t say much about my experience using the area. For what it’s worth, plot usage is 800 yen for residents and 1,600 yen for non-residents and the park only accepts reservations by telephone (047-380-1295).

BONUS: Eat Like A Local

After we’ve had our fill of fun at the park, we head down the street to the shopping mall to buy baked goods for Monday’s breakfast.
The bakery is called Pan Jewel and everything is delicious and inexpensive.
To get there, find this rotary near the entrance.

This photo was taken from the parking lot of Babies R Us. This condo should be on your right side if you’re walking from Urayasu Sogo Park

Follow the road until you reach this condo (MAP)
If you’re in east Tokyo or Chiba, Urayasu Sogo Park is worth visiting as a family or couple. Do check it out! An don’t forget to visit the bakery too!
2-7 Meikai-shi, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture

Tokyo Bay Fun at Urayasu Sogo Park

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