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Welcome To The Wagamama Diaries

Formerly Baby Kaiju, The Wagamama Diaries is a Tokyo lifestyle and motherhood blog curated by digital creator Teni Wada.

Writing was once a means to supplement my income after going on maternity leave, but it’s become my outlet to connecting with so many moms across the globe.

But, my life isn’t just about being a mom. I came to Japan because I love(d) its fashion scene, and I won’t let that part of me slip away, either.

The Wagamama Diaries is about “taking back” my life and making it my own. It’s about doing things for myself and making time for myself without labeling them “guilty pleasures.”

What Is “Wagamama?”

The Japanese language is no stranger to wordplay and I’ve incorporated my love of the language in rebranding my blog.

“Wa ga” (我が)  is an antiquated way of saying “I” or “my” while “mama” means, well, you guessed it, “mom.”

So The Wagamama Diaries means “Mama’s Diaries.” Pretty straightforward, right?


“Wagamama” is also the Japanese word for selfish!

Growing up, we’re told that women can do anything and be anything we want to be.

But, when you become a mom, society suddenly places you in a box. Take one step out of line and you’re immediately labeled “selfish.”

Want to go back to work after you’ve had a baby? Selfish.

Don’t want to breastfeed? Selfish.

Working out while pregnant? Selfish.

Left your kids with a babysitter while you have a date night with your partner? Selfish.

Motherhood is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t journey, but The Wagamama Diaries is all about breaking every rule, calling the shots, and doing things MY way.

Whether you want to get your pre-baby sexy back, go back to work after giving birth, or simply just want to pee without an audience, there’s a Wagamama Mama in all of us.

Welcome to The Wagamama Diaries, a blog about lifestyle and motherhood in Tokyo, and my “wagamama” journey.  

Enjoy your stay♡

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