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Welcome! I’m happy you’re here. I’m Teni, founder of The Wagamama Diaries.

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, my curiosity for Japanese culture led me to a life-changing decision: relocating to Tokyo, Japan, my home for nearly 20 years. Living in the heart of Japan has allowed me to immerse myself in the latest beauty trends, minimalist fashion styles, and holistic lifestyle practices.

Pictured with my daughter in 2018. Shot by photographer Leslie Kee for Alfa Romeo’s project “Under One Sun – Be yourself” to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our world.

I started this blog in 2017 as Baby Kaiju, and renamed it in 2019 after my “selfish” (wagamama) desire to rediscover and reinvent myself in motherhood.

Since then, The Wagamama Diaries has become an invaluable English-language resource for foreign women in Japan as they navigate motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty trends. In fact, this blog consistently ranks high Google searches for topics related to Japanese beauty products and motherhood in Japan! As such, I have been featured in  The Guardian, BBC 100 Women, and The Japan Times.

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