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Ibaraki with Kids: Pleasure Garden at Hitachi Seaside Park

Last Updated on 2021-07-04 by Teni

Piggybacking off my report of the nemophila at Hitachi Seaside Park, is a report of Pleasure Garden, the amusement park and family leisure area on its grounds.
My husband is from Ibaraki Prefecture and grew up not too far away from the area that is now Hitachi Seaside Park. He often went by bicycle with his high school friends to Pleasure Garden. I can’t imagine what it’s like coming back to a highschool hangout with your own child!

We entered the park via the winged main gate of Hitachi Seaside Park, but there’s a seperate, direct entrance to Pleasure Garden.

The entrance fee covers both Hitachi Seaside Park and Pleasure Garden, so it’s worth it to check out both if your schedule permits.

The park is a more modern, vibrant take on the retro kiddy park at Kichijoji Inokashira Park. In fact, even the way you buy tickets is the same. (According to my husband, even the tickets are they same as they were when he was in high school!)

Ticket Info

Tickets (乗り物券 | norimono ken) are valued at 100 yen and sold individually, in strips of 10 (回数券 | kaisuuken), or as a one day pass (1日フリーパス | ichi nichi furi- pasu).

There’s also a one pass that a group of 4 can use for 12,800 yen, with an extra 3,200 yen per additional group member.

Check the website for coupons on one day passes, family passes, birthday passes, and more! HERE.

Tickets don’t have an expiration date. If you plan to make an annual pilgrimage to the the nemophila, you can hold on to your tickets until the following year. (One day passes, however, expire at the end of the issued calendar day)

のりもの券 うりば=ticket booth (norimono ken uriba)

Buy tickets at the booth near the Ferris wheel or at vending machines.

Rides & Games

A map of the park and all 28 rides and attractions

Kids 4 and up (4才以上 | yon sai ijyou) can ride most attractions solo. There were a few that little Kaiju could try (0才~3才 | zero sai kara san sai). I don’t mind though. Since the in-laws live in Ibaraki, we’ll definitely be coming back in the years to come!

There are 28 rides and attractions at Pleasure Garden, starting with the Blue Eyes Ferris wheel:

There are 3 separate lines, depending on which gondola you want to ride. The far right is for the 2 lovey-dovey pink gondolas; the middle line for 4 see-through gondolas; the far left for the standard gondolas


The view from the top. Look at the tiny swatch of nemophila in the upper left- you can really see how huge the Hitachi Seaside Park is.


The cutest firefighter game!


This was my favorite ride! The car rides along the track and takes you on a scenic drive through the forest.


Carnival game booth


For Golden Week, it was a very manageable crowd with short waiting times for the rides (less than 10 minutes!)


The Battery Cars are coin operated and only accept 100 yen coins. There’s a great variety of vehicles to ride.


Of course, little Kaiju chose Thomas!

Food & Relaxation

The nursing room (赤ちゃんルーム) is right below the Ferris wheel, next to the ticket booth
Crepe and soft serve booth
Booths for fried chicken, fries, popcorn, and drinks


Garden Restaurant that serves curry rice, udon/soba, and other dishes. Seating is limited so be prepared to wait or plan an early or late lunch.


Bring your own lunch and enjoy terrace seating and an open space to accommodate tents and tarps.

Pleasure Garden

552-18 Ajigaura, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 311-1201 Japan