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LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks

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Ever since I bought a set of 3 Lululun Precious sheet masks, they’ve been a part of my nightly skincare routine. I first bought them (on Yahoo Shopping with T-Points) simply because I didn’t know much about this series and the difference between the three colors. Here’s my review of the LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green sheet masks.

2021.3.28 UPDATE: I finally tried Lululun One Night For Mature Skin line! Full review here.

2020.12.17 UPDATE: I’ve since tried Lululun’s line of organic sheet masks! Full review here.

LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks

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The Basics





One popular sheet mask you’ll definitely see in Japan is LuLuLun (ルルルン). Lululun is one of the Japanese brands that I first tried when I switched from K-Beauty to J-Beauty.

Founded in 2011, LuLuLun is one of Japan’s best-selling sheet mask brands. Its cost-performance value, colorful packaging, and product lineup has earned it fans across the globe. LuLuLun’s limited edition seasonal releases and Japan travel series are also immensely popular with domestic and international users.

LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks

Adding to its lineup is the Precious series: Precious WHITE and RED debuted in September 2017, while GREEN came out in September 2018.

Made from 3 layers and averaging 120 % thicker than LuLuLun’s standard Blue, White, and Pink series, the Precious sheet masks are intended for “mature” skin ( エイジングケアマスク | aging care masks). The recommended time when masking is 10 minutes.

Even the packaging itself has also been toned down from the pastel pink, iridescent blue, and creamy white of its original sheet masks. Gone are the tiara-like emblem and voluminous lashes.

Instead, the Precious packaging features bold tones of ruby red, white gold, and emerald green and a fancy geometric pattern. The Lululun Precious series ingredients were renewed on October 1, 2019

All sheet masks in the LuLuLun Precious lineup are made in Japan, and free of alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, and colors.

LuLuLun Precious WHITE

The WHITE sheet masks contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E to promote firm and elastic young-looking skin with a healthy glow. It’s also dripping in essence. How much? you ask. 127% more essence compared to other LuLuLun sheet masks! Other ingredients include avocado oil, apricot oil, dragon fruit extract, and carnosine, an antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin.

Try it! Lululun Precious White available on Amazon & Amazon Japan.

LuLuLun Precious RED

The RED series is all about combating fine lines and wrinkles by adding intensive moisture to the skin. This is done by using a staple in Japanese culture and cuisine- RICE! The essence contains no less than 4 different kinds of ingredients derived from rice to add intense moisture.

Try it! Lululun Precious Red available on Amazon & Amazon Japan.

LuLuLun Precious GREEN

Introduced one year after WHITE and RED, Precious GREEN is all about rejuvenating the skin. How does it do this? By using L22, a patented, botanically-sourced compound created to simulate a healthy 22-year-old’s skin lipids. Other ingredients are glucooligosaccharide and hatomugi extract to soothe troubled skin.

Try it! Lululun Precious Green available on Amazon & Amazon Japan.

LuLuLun Precious Cream





I’ve been using the Precious Cream as the final step in my nighttime skin routine. It has a (very faint) herbal-like scent and a smooth, pudding-like consistency that would be perfect for a #texturetuesday post. It leaves a silky, non-greasy layer of moisture on my skin.

LuLuLun Precious Cream works wonders with the Precious Red sheet masks and perhaps would be a great choice for anyone who needs an extra moisturizing boost overnight.

Try it! Lululun Precious Cream available on Amazon & Amazon Japan.

The Review — LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t see immediate results when I was done masking, which was disappointing.

However, changes were very visible in the morning (at least in my case). Especially after using the RED sheets, my makeup doesn’t sink into the smile lines around my mouth and the fine lines on my forehead.

Because there’s 7 sheet masks in a pack, I rotated these masks throughout the week: RED the night before if wearing full makeup the next day; WHITE when tired; and GREEN on the weekend.

Since this review was posted last year, I’ve incorporated the RED sheet masks as part of my daily skincare routine. Every other month or so I’ve bought a large pack of the RED sheet masks.

And, as of May 2020, I’ve started using WHITE (because RED was sold out when I was shopping). While I’m catching up on Instagram, I go over my face with a jade roller, and in the morning, my face looks bright and fresh!

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LuLuLun Precious White, Red, and Green Sheet Masks