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Japanese Morning Sheet Masks Worth Trying

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If you’re anything like me, mornings can be a bit of a scramble. Between getting Miss M ready and trying to squeeze in a few moments of “me time,” skincare routines can easily fall by the wayside. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a game-changer that’s made my mornings not only easier but also a lot more refreshing: morning sheet masks! In this updated post, I’ll share my top picks for 2024, tips for getting the most out of your masks, and why they’ve become a staple in Japanese beauty routines. Let’s explore the world of Japanese morning sheet masks worth trying and kickstart your day with a fresh face!

How Japanese Morning Sheet Masks Work

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Since I first wrote about morning sheet masks back when this blog debuted in 2018, they’ve become an essential part of my daily routine. These little wonders are packed with hydrating and revitalizing ingredients, perfect for giving your skin a radiant glow before you even have your first cup of coffee. Whether you’re a busy mom, a skincare aficionado, or just someone looking for a quick beauty boost, morning sheet masks are your ticket to a glowing start to the day.

If you’re in Japan, you can easily find these masks in drugstores and speciality shops (read my guide on where to buy makeup in Japan to check out your shopping options).

I’ve also added links for those who prefer to shop on Amazon and Amazon Japan. Note that these are affiliate links. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

Morning sheet masks are a quick and efficient way to kickstart your skincare routine. These masks are pre-soaked in a variety of beneficial serums and essences, each designed to address specific skin concerns. Here’s a breakdown of how they work and why they’re so effective:

1. Instant Hydration
One of the key benefits of morning sheet masks is their ability to provide an instant boost of hydration. The mask material, typically made from cotton or hydrogel, creates a barrier on your skin, allowing the serum to deeply penetrate and hydrate. This helps to plump up your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and give you a dewy, refreshed look.

2. Brightening and Energizing
Many morning sheet masks are formulated with ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and caffeine, which are known for their brightening and energizing properties. These ingredients help to reduce dullness, even out your skin tone, and give your complexion a healthy, radiant glow—perfect for those mornings when you’re feeling a bit sluggish.

3. Quick and Convenient
Unlike traditional masks that can take 20-30 minutes, morning sheet masks are designed to be quick and convenient. Most can be used in under 5 minutes making them easy to incorporate into your morning routine. Plus, there’s no need to rinse off afterwards—just pat in the remaining serum and you’re good to go!

4. Preps Your Skin for Makeup
Using a morning sheet mask can also help prep your skin for makeup. The hydration and nourishment provided by the mask create a smooth, primed canvas for your foundation and other makeup products, helping them to apply more evenly and last longer throughout the day.

5. A Moment of Self-Care
Last but not least, taking a few minutes to apply a morning sheet mask can be a wonderful act of self-care. It’s a chance to pause, breathe, and pamper yourself before diving into the busyness of the day. And who doesn’t need a little extra TLC in the morning?

By incorporating morning sheet masks into your routine, you can start your day feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Japanese Morning Sheet Masks Worth Trying

Now that we’ve got all the crucial information out the way, here’s my choice of Japanese morning sheet masks worth trying.

4. Kose Clear Turn Princess Veil Morning Skin Care Mask

コーセー クリアターン プリンセスヴェール モーニング スキンケア マスク

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

A 5-in-1 product that takes care of your face cleanser, toner, milky emulsion, and primer all at once, Kose Clear Turn Princess Veil Morning Skin Care Mask are a great place to start if you’re new to morning sheet masks as you can find this brand in any drugstore.

I just finished using this series, but I’m not a fan of the smell. The product description calls it a “refreshing fruit extract” (みずみずしいフルーツエキス | mizu mizushii furu-tsu ekisu), but truthfully, it smells like a cheap lemon cleaning solution. Then again, maybe it’s supposed to smell like that to quickly wake you up!

Now, it doesn’t irritate my skin and the mask only stays on my face for 60 seconds, but just being honest here: it’s a really powerful smell plus it has ethanol in it.

If you’re sensitive to strong smells or have sensitive skin, skip this one and try…

3. Rose of Versailles Morning Moisture Mask

ベルサイユのばら モーニングモイスチャーマスク

Try it! Available on Amazon Japan

The latest addition to my morning skincare regimen are the Rose of Versailles Morning Moisture Masks. Featuring the distinct artwork of its namesake manga, Rose of Versailles.

These herbal scented masks have the faintest undertones of rosemary and are individually folded, making it easy to remove one sheet mask at a time.

Unlike the average morning mask which is left on the face for about 1 minute, these mask should be left on for at least 5 minutes. So, while it may be difficult to incorporate Rose of Versailles Morning Moisture Masks into an daily routine, they are a great choice for a little “me time” on your day off.

However, if you are keen to try a morning sheet mask that is free of artificial colors, alcohol and mineral oil, these should not be overlooked.

On the other hand, if you need something just a bit more natural, try…

2. Botanical Esthe Sheet Mask Moist


Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Botanical Esthe masks work in under 60 seconds (55 seconds, to be exact) and they’re also a 7 in 1 product. Just one mask takes care of your cleanser, toner, serum, emulsion, cream, face pack, and primer!

All masks are made in Japan with 100% natural and domestically farmed cotton and contain 20 organic ingredients like aloe, mint, honey, and rose hip.




Teni W.👩‍👧The Wagamama Diariesさん(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

The lemon scent is very light, yet refreshing. These seriously would be my favorite masks if only there was just a bit more variety. Which is why I prefer…

1. BCL Saborino Morning Sheet Masks

BCL サボリーノ 朝用マスク

Try it! Available on Amazon | Amazon Japan

Leaving the best for last… introducing the Saborino morning sheet masks by BCL! What I love about this series is the variety of “flavors! Off the top of my head I can name: 1. classic fruity herb; 2. lemon peel & mint; 3. mix berry; 4. grapefruit, 5. yuzu citrus; 6. kiwi yogurt. 

There’s also a ~premium~ range featuring 7. white strawberries and 8. mandarin oranges. And, not to be forgotten is the night range lineup, with 9. chamomile and 10. milky fig berries. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but it’s a pretty impressive lineup with more variety to come!

My favorites are the classic fruity herb blend, kiwi yogurt, and lemon peel & mint. Since there are so many different types out there it’s fun trying them all.




Teni W.👩‍👧The Wagamama Diariesさん(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

My love for these masks is so real and I’m pleased to share my love on Japanese beauty site Datumou Recipe! Check out  10 Beauty Bloggers’ Favorite Japanese Products for more!

Do you use a morning sheet mask? Which morning sheet masks would you like to try next? 

Japanese Morning Sheet Masks Worth Trying

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