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5 Reasons To Choose ANA When Flying With a Baby Or Toddler

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Whether it’s a domestic or international flight, flying with babies and toddlers can be the ultimate test of patience and endurance! But, choosing the right airline can make all the difference. Here are 5 reasons I choose ANA when flying with my little Kaiju.


NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, but it’s certainly a bit biased as I’ve been an ANA Mileage Member for years!


ANA, or All Nippon Airways, is one of Japan’s legacy carriers and is Japan’s only 5-Star rated airline. In addition, it was crowned Asia’s Best Airlines Staff Service.


So, far my little Kaiju and I have taken 2 international flights and 1 domestic flight (to Hokkaido) with ANA and just arrived in the United States for the holidays. And, yes, this time around we went with ANA!

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5. Duty-Free Pre-Order



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I don’t shop duty-free as often as I used to, but sometimes there are things I want to buy for myself or as a gift. But, when you’re with a toddler who needs all your attention, how do you get time to look through the in-flight catalogue? Pre-order (プリーオーダー | puri- o-da-) before getting on the airplane!

When duty-free sales open, a flight attendant will come by with your items. Simply pay and have the attendant store in the overhead. Plus, ANA credit card holders save 10% and earn bonus miles with each purchase.

Pre-order sales begin on the 22nd of the month before your flight and end at 11:59 pm three days before your flight. Whether you’re after burando (luxury items), skincare or makeup, ANA has a great selection!

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4. In-Flight Meals & Snacks

One of the best things about flying ANA is being able to check in-flight meal menu months before boarding the airplane.

I have food allergies, so knowing what will be served lets me know if I should reserve a special meal (特別機内食 | tokubetsu kinai shoku or スペシャルミール | supesharu mi-ru). When necessary, I always go for the Vegetarian Hindu Special Meal (ベジタリアンヒンズー教徒用ミール | bejitarian hinzu- kyouto you mi-ru).

Click here and scroll to the bottom to see the menu, based on departing airport and destination. All special meals must be reserved at least 24 hours before departure and can be done online or by telephone.

There are also two meals for babies and toddlers, based on age. Children under 2 get the Baby Meal (ベビーミール | bebi- mi-ru) and children 2 to 5 get the Child Meal (チャイルドミール | chairudo mi-ru).

Along with balanced in-flight meals, there’s also a snack and drink bar on ANA flights! After the first meal service, flight attendants set up a snack and drink bar in the galley, accessible until the next meal. There’s bananas, KitKat minis, senbei, potato chips, and a full bar of non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Kiddie Swag

At the airport, you can use ANA’s strollers free of charge. If your child doesn’t want to ride in the stroller, at least you can use it to store things until you reach your departure gate!

In-flight services include toys (card games, reusable sticker books, and inflatable airplanes), baby bassinets (holds up to 10 kg, available by telephone reservation only), as well as diaper changing beds in the toilets.

Diapers (sizes M and L only) and formula are also available on ANA flights. Details here.

2. Attentive Flight Attendants



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All Nippon Airways (ANA)さん(@allnipponairways_official)がシェアした投稿

The ANA flight crew were super attentive and even offered to hold little Kaiju at any time if I needed to go to the bathroom.

Whenever you need anything, whether it’s hot water for formula, drinks for yourself or a chance to stretch your legs, don’t hesitate to press the “call” button!

And, if your child presses the “call” button, they are very understanding (though I always make up an excuse!).

1. ANA Airport Support



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Once you experience Japanese customer service it’s hard to accept anything else. And, once you’ve tried ANA Airport Support (エアポートサポート | eapo-to sapo-to), you’ll never take a non-ANA flight when traveling with little ones!

Airport Support is like having a personal assistant. It’s a service designed to help passengers who need extra assistance in the airport.

An ANA staff member accompanies the passenger one hour before the flight time, from the service desk, through security using the priority lane, through immigration control, all the way to the boarding gate and right up until physically boarding the aircraft.

This service is also available when returning to Japan, at the arrival airport and to reach the gate of connecting flights in the US, though service may be limited outside of Japan.

Airport Support is not available on domestic Japanese flights, but children under three fly free so I’d say it’s fair!

To use Airport Support, you must make a reservation by telephone at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Little Kaiju and I had several wonderful holidays in 2018, and I’m excited to explore more of Japan and tackle the world in 2019!

5 Reasons To Choose ANA When Flying With a Baby Or Toddler

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