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Starting An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine With DHC Super Collagen Supreme Sheet Mask

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This year, I became an honorary member of the arafo- (アラフォー) club! It’s a Japanese term used in reference to women who are “around forty” years old. In this post, I’ll be talking about “anti-aging” skincare and how I’m starting my anti-aging skincare journey with DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask.

Life in my 30s is far different than I imagined it would be when I was a teen or in my 20s. But, the biggest surprise to me is how confident I feel. It’s truly a gift to be able to finally feel at peace in my own skin, with my natural hair, and with my body. At the moment, I don’t feel any hesitation or apprehension towards aging — though I haven’t ruled out the possibility of dabbling with Botox or fillers in a few years’ time! 

DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask gifted by DHC Japan. This post contains affiliate links which means that The Wagamama Diaries makes a small commission of items you purchase at no additional cost to you.

Our Skin’s Aging Process and The Importance of “Anti-Aging” Skincare 

I will expand on this section in a separate post, but let me briefly touch on our skin’s natural aging process and the importance of “anti-aging” skincare.

Our skin’s aging process begins in our 20s. On the surface, the skin turnover cycle, the process in which new cells replace old cells, slows down, resulting in dullness and clogged pores. Collagen and elastin break down faster than the body can replenish. This loss of strength and elasticity results in fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, sagging and wrinkle folds appear when the fat underneath our foreheads, cheeks, mouth and eyes loses volume and shifts.

So, what to do?

Rather than frantically trying to reverse the natural aging process with tons of tiny bottles, potions, night creams and fillers, it’s really important to focus on prevention. Start by avoiding the major causes that accelerate the natural aging process. You might know them as stress (!), sun damage, smoking, and irregular sleeping patterns. Then, once you’ve identified your skin’s particular concerns, look for products to address those specific issues.

Starting An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine With DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask

Enter Japanese “anti-aging” skincare products, where the proper term is “aging care” (エイジングケア | eijingu kea). I feel that this term really enhances the points that I made above — embrace the natural aging process, make appropriate lifestyle changes, and gradually introduce skincare products that target specific concerns.

One such product that I have introduced to my nightly skincare regime is DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask.

DHC, “Your Japanese Beauty Expert”

DHC, Japan’s leading manufacturer dealing in cosmetics and health food supplements, has been in the beauty game for nearly half a century. You might know DHC for its r/skincareaddiction favorites and Asian beauty cult classics like its medicated DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and moisture-rich DHC Lip Cream. (Of course, we can’t forget DHC Olive Virgin Oil, DHC’s 100% natural flagship product).

Aside from the above beauty staples, DHC also has several skincare lines, one of which is the DHC Super Collagen Series. Collagen, as I mentioned earlier in this post, provides the skin with strength and elasticity, which decreases as we age. 

You might be tempted to reach for any ol’ skincare product that has “collagen” on the label. But, I’ve got bad news for you. Collagen is pretty much worthless as a topical product (though it will moisturize your skin) because collagen molecules are just too big to penetrate the skin’s top layer.

Now, here’s why the DHC Super Collagen Series deserves your attention. 


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This innovative “aging care” skincare line contains an exclusive collagen peptide (Dipeptide-8) patented by DHC, which is small enough to fully penetrate the top layer of the skin.

The DHC Super Collagen Series consists of the following products:

 DHC Super Collagen Mist | DHC Super Collagen Supreme Mist | DHC Super Collagen | DHC Super Collagen Supreme | DHC Super Collagen Milk | DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask | DHC Super Collagen Cream 

Review of DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask 




和田 テニィ(@wadateni)がシェアした投稿

You know I’m crazy about sheet masks, so I was very delighted when DHC approached me to try their DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask. 

Each resealable golden bronze package comes with 32 sheets. They’re ideal for monthly usage without worrying about them drying out. If you’re a fan of pretty packaging you might feel underwhelmed by the design. But, remember with DHC, it’s substance over style, every time.

Two ingredients that stand out are DHC’s patented collagen peptide and a derivative of Vitamin C. These sheet masks also contain dihydroxypropyl arginine HCl and maitake mushroom fruiting body extract to hydrate. Plus, they’re colorant, fragrance, and paraben free!

The DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask is hydrating, but it isn’t dripping in essence. Rather, it feels like the essence is locked into mask fibers for a drip-free experience. (I like this, by the way, because usually I’m doing at least 10 things while masking at night.)

I do have some concerns about the fit of the masks. The eye/mouth openings are smaller than sheet masks that I have tried in the past. Perhaps it’s to make sure that the collagen fully penetrates areas that show aging first. At any rate, I started using the DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask at the end of July. I see significant reduction in the appearance of the smile lines around my mouth. 

Because these are sheet masks, they are very easy to incorporate into any evening skincare routine.

Official directions recommend applying the DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask after double cleansing — no toner necessary! 

In my case, I apply the DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask to my face for 10 minutes, after double cleansing and applying toner.

Afterwards I follow up with a placenta serum and night gel, but I would like to pair these sheet masks with DHC Super Collagen Cream in the winter to keep dryness at bay.

Ready to Try DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask for yourself? Purchase them via the following links: Amazon Japan | DHC Japan Official Online Store

Starting An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine With DHC Super Collagen Supreme Premium Sheet Mask


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