Baby Kaiju Is Now The Wagamama Diaries

Last Updated on 2024-03-13 by Teni

It’s been two year since I launched this blog and it’s been a challenging, yet amazing journey. But it’s time for me to take Baby Kaiju to new heights, hence the relaunch and rename to “The Wagamama Diaries.”

First, “Baby” in Baby Kaiju seems outdated. After all, my Kaiju is less of a baby and more of a toddler (that’s soon to be a threenager)!

I struggle so much in identifying myself as “more than a mom” yet relishing the time spent with my little mini me, tickling her and covering her in kisses.

Still, I knew I wanted to incorporate “mom” or some form of it in my new blog title.

Plus, I wanted to throw a subtle nod at Japan, my home for the past 15 years — without relying on something like “Japan” or “Tokyo” (as I have no idea where our international family will end up in a few years.)

Wagamama is an antiquated way of saying “I am/My mom” and it also means “selfish.” What a perfect word to describe my waning and ebbing feelings towards mom life! Read about it in more detail HERE.

This is why Baby Kaiju is now The Wagamama Diaries. I’ll still write general information posts about motherhood in Japan and work in Japan.

But, I also want to get back to my passions and all the things that brought me to Japan, as well as write opinion pieces on social topics.

What started as a hobby while I was on maternity leave has turned into a creative outlet and the beginnings of something with unlimited potential. Here’s to the next stage of Baby Kaiju — The Wagamama Diaries!