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8 Summer Skincare Essentials

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My 8 summer skincare essentials are all about three things: protecting my skin from sun damage, controlling my oily skin, and keeping my skin hydrated to protect it from air conditioners operating on full blast.




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1. Saborino Morning Sheet Mask

I truly can’t say enough about these Saborino Morning Sheet Masks. I mean, all you have to do is remove from the pack, apply to your face, wait 60 seconds, and your morning skincare routine is practically complete!

Right now, I’m using the Citrus Leaf “Botanical” version that came out in June, which uses organic chamomile, rosemary, and hatomugi extract to cleanse, hydrate and prep the skin.

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2. Skinvill Moisture Milk

Skinvill is a skincare line from Osaka with a wonderfully fresh floral/orangey scent. I first started with Skinvill hot cleansing gels and then gradually worked my way through its skincare line. The Moisture Milk infuses white peony extract with Vitamin D and other botanical extracts to plump and moisturize the skin from within.

I use it before putting on sunscreen because I have this “thing” about applying sunscreen directly on my skin. (I also like to use this one in the winter before my night cream because it’s so moisturizing.)

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3. Lagom Cellus Sun Gel

I think I’ve raved enough about this sunscreen in my review post, but it’s seriously amazing. Lagom is actually a Korean brand, but it’s quickly becoming my-to go sunscreen for daily use. (I’ll stick with Anessa on school pool days and for other intense outdoor activities).

It’s a gentle milky gel that applies evenly without a whitecast, plus it leaves a power-like finish. For some reason, when I pair I with my tinted sunscreen, the combination stings my eyes, but otherwise, it’s a solid sunscreen.

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4. Lagom Gel to Water Cleanser

Another K-beauty product, I’ve been using this since mid-June, and it’s just perfect for hot and humid nights. It’s a mild, nearly odorless gel cleanser that turns into a water when rubbed into the skin.

On days that I wear makeup, I use it as a makeup remover because oil makeup removers just make me feel so icky when it’s hot. Then I follow up with a cream cleanser.

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5. Hanajirushi Spa Skin Refreshing Cleanser

I actually got this cleanser in a Raxy Beauty Box that I won in a Twitter contest. It’s mild, creamy and creates a rich foam that deep cleans and tightens pores without drying my skin and making it feel tight.

I use Hanajirushi Spa Skin Refreshing Cleanser as part of my “double cleansing” routine. I also use it to wash my face thoroughly on “wash days” (the days I wash and deep condition my hair) because I worry that leaving hair products on my face/around my hairline for too long will clog my pores.

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6. Skinvill Smooth Lotion (Toner)

Another Skinvill product, Skinvill Smooth Lotion is uses Retinyl palmitate, an antioxidant and derivative of Vitamin A to encourage the growth of new skin cells for a clear complexion.

It’s an incredibly watery essence overflows as soon as you tilt the bottle, so it’s best to use it with cotton pads. Afterwards, I smooth it onto my neck and chest and pat it into my skin.

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7. KOSE Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C Facial Masks

It’s my first time using KOSE Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C Facial Masks, and I picked up these masks because they have vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most effective ingredients in a summer skincare routine. It prevents sunspots and stimulates collagen production, both of which are very important when trying to combat skin damage.

You might notice that the label says bihaku but it really has nothing to do with skin whitening. SE Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C Facial Masks are just one of many Japanese “whitening” products that inhibit the production of melanin which causes sun spots (by using Vitamin C). For more on Japanese whitening products, do read this post: The Truth About Japanese Whitening Cosmetics.

I’ve been using my Lululun Precious RED sheet masks for quite some time, and in comparison, these sheet masks feel dry. But, there is a fair amount of essence in the package even though they don’t feel “hydrating” to me. 

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8. Wonder Honey Honey Dew Calming Water Jelly

 Wonder Honey Honey Dew Calming Water Jelly acts like a lotion that locks in moisture. It’s a soothing gel that can be used for the face and body, it’s a 3-1-in product (essence, emulsion and pack. I prefer to use it after my sheet masks instead of a night cream because it’s really light and refreshing.

You can also use it to soothe sunburned skin or  to cool down  after a long day. This tub contains 195 g and I’ve barely made a dent in mine even after using it nearly everyday in July last year!

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My 8 Summer Skincare Essentials

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