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My 5 Step Self-Care Sunday Routine

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My 5 Step Self-Care Sunday Routine

Do you have a “self-care Sunday” routine? As full-time content creator turned entrepreneur juggling mom life, I don’t get days off! That’s why I designate Sundays as “my day.” I can finally take time for myself and indulge in my 5 step Self-Care Sunday routine.


Self-Care Sunday is a hashtag-driven (#SelfCareSunday) social media trend that encourages us to disconnect, put on a comfy pair of PJs, a sheet mask, and sip a cup of tea. To others, Self-Care Sunday is a gym and post-workout smoothie day, or snuggle in bed with Kindle day.

Everyone’s definition of Self-Care Sunday is different, but it’s all about balance and reconnecting with yourself.

My 5 step self-care Sunday routine has changed little since my work days, before I began to self-quarantine.

However, now that the future is faced with increasing uncertainty, self-care Sunday helps me relax and focus on what is important to me. My priorities have shifted from preparing for a new week in the kindergarten classroom, to easing my anxiety and de-stressing. Most of all, self-care Sunday is a time for me to put my own feelings at the forefront and get in tune with myself.

My 5 Step Self-Care Sunday Routine

1. Makeup

My self-care Sunday starts with an unusual step — makeup! These days, my outdoor excursions are limited to a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, so there’s no real need to wear makeup, especially when the lower half of my face is covered in a mask. This is why I like to use Sundays to play around with makeup. 





Some days I just relax around the house with mascara and a bold lip color. Other days I do a complete makeup routine, right down to contouring and highlighting with NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer and Chacott for Professionals finishing powder

2. Wash Day

Because swim classes were on Sunday, Sunday quickly became our mommy-daughter wash day.

(“Wash day” by the way, is a particular day of the week that naturalistas dedicate to washing, detangling, conditioning, and styling one’s hair. )

Even though wash day can be a messy chore, I appreciate the time to get to know my natural hair. To make cleaning up easier, I do my wash day routine in the shower room. 





I always start with Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Shampoo & Conditioner (love the scent!) then it’s bathtime for us! Check out more of my Japanese haircare favorites here.

3. Bathtime

You might already be aware that public bathing is a cultural norm in Japan, but did you know that families also bathe together? Not only is it an excellent way to conserve water, family bathing is a great bonding experience.

Most Japanese homes and apartments have automatic bath controls, so I run the night’s bath while getting ready for dinner (Sunday dinner, by the way, is usually takeaway. After all, the kitchen is closed!)





It’s customary in Japan to wash one’s body before entering the public baths like sento and onsen (hot springs). So, after I’ve finished washing, detangling, and conditioning our hair, we rinse off and soak in the tub.

I’m personally partial to the onsen scented, mineral bath bombs. However, Miss M has terribly dry skin, so we always use moisturizing bath salts from Bath Roman’s skincare line, like this collagen and squalene blend.

4. Skincare

To me, Self-Care Sunday and Skincare Sunday are synonymous.

The products I use every Sunday vary because I like to try out my new arrivals from Raxy Beauty Box and My Little Box Japan, two subscription beauty box services.





Still, my skincare routine is pretty simple. Actually, it’s just 3 easy steps: Cleanse — Exfoliate — Massage!

After double cleansing,  I use AHA & BHA peeling gel from Meishoku. It’s a very effective and affordable alternative to brightening the skin compared to costly chemical AHA/BHA peels.

Then I follow up with an intensive masking session. These days, I like to use [EDO BEAUTY LAB] Green Radiance Clay Mask. It’s handmade in Edogawa City, Japan with the Japanese superfood komatsuna and packed with antioxidants.  Read all about the benefits of powder clay masks here.

Once that’s done, I use a super hydrating toner and massage my face using a combination of gadgets. Sometimes I keep it light with a jade gua sha + jade roller or Refa Duo roller. Other times, I go high tech with an intense facial massage using the Dr. Arrivo Zeus II from Artistic & Co.

5. Sleep!

Once my final skincare product is applied, it’s time for the most important step in my 5 step Self-Care Sunday routine – sleep!

Most nights I settle down with a glass of wine and stay up to watch a documentary or catch up on pop culture. But, getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be an afterthought. I like wear these aromatic heated eye masks to help me fall asleep.

What’s your #SelfCareSunday routine? Check out more of my picks on my Amazon Storefront!

My 5 Step Self-Care Sunday Routine

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