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My New Baby Carrier: Reversible Click Carrier By ByKay

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The last weekend in April marked the end of my husband’s paternity leave. We headed to eastern Japan’s historical gate to the west, Yokohama, in Kanagawa Prefecture. The outing was the perfect opportunity to break in  my new Click Carrier Reversible from ByKay Carriers.

A while back I participated in and also made a post regarding a survey about baby wearing in Japan.
And if you know me, or have seen my Instagram Stories or posts, you know that I’m all about baby wearing. Pretty funny because I swore that I’d never be a mom with a baby strapped to my chest!
As a token of appreciation for my participation in the survey, I received a baby carrier from ByKay shortly after.
I’ve had it for a few months now and have simply fallen in love it with. Here’s my unbiased review.

About ByKay

ByKay is a Dutch line of certified ergonomic baby carriers, wraps, slings, and Mei Tais founded by Kay Poelen. She’s a mom of four, so you know she’s “been there, done that.”
Her years of motherhood are the inspiration behind ByKay’s fun, stylish designs that make babywearing fun.
A look at the product designs and colors:


The packaging is wonderfully simple yet I get a feel of what kind of company ByKay is and what they stand for.
I really appreciate the minimalist wrapping and lack of unnecessary plastic bags or styrofoam inserts.

The motto brought a smile to my face:

Assorted swag that came with my package:

An adorably kawaii cover and attachment clip:

A lightweight eco bag, perfect for my supermarket run on triple point day:

Now onto the carrier!

ByKay Click Carrier Reversible

I had my choice of any carrier on ByKay’s online shop, but I was immediately attracted to the Click Carrier Reversible.
Babywearing is big here in Japan,   but I’ve never seen any reversible carriers, and I’ve certainly never seen a color selection like the one at ByKay.
A majority of the carriers that I see are dark, muted colors, which makes sense because babies are unpredictable creatures with even more unpredictable bodily fluids.
And, while it does make sense to go for a solid color when you’re going to be using the baby carrier everyday, navys and blacks and grays are kind of boring.
I’m all about fashion, so my eye was drawn to the 2-in-1 reversible lineup featuring a fun color/print on one side, and a dark solid color on the reverse.
I had such a hard time choosing between Steel Grey/Cotton Candy and Denim/Delfy, but in the end I chose the latter.
Delfy is an eye-catching, head-turning print and I’ve never seen anything like it when it comes to baby carriers! I think it’s a very stylish choice that looks fashionable, like Delft pottery.
Just look at this print! The details! Even the cherub has his own ByKay carrier. How cute is that?

Initial Concerns And Questions

After the initial giddiness wore off, it was time to try out the carrier. But, three things really stood out as I wrangled with the monster:

  1. The straps cross in the back! How will I be able to wear this by myself?
  2. It’s really, really light. Is it sturdy enough to support a growing toddler?
  3. There’s no pocket. Where will I store my keys and commuter pass?

With these concerns in mind, I practiced using my Click Carrier Reversible at home until I was comfortable enough to venture outside.

ByKay Click Carrier Reversible Debut In Yokohama

Yokohama, a port city in Kanagawa Prefecture an hour west of Tokyo, was eastern Japan’s gateway to the west in the 19th century.
Although it was late April, it was unseasonably hot. Even with the sea breeze, temperatures peaked at 26C. I immediately felt grateful that I wore the Click Carrier Reversible.

Wonderfully lightweight, the soft padded straps did not make me or my girl sweaty and uncomfortable.
I love how the print stands out without being over-the-top. It’s certainly a statement piece!

As you can see here, the straps are a bit crooked, but I think I did well on this attempt.

Another look at the Click Carrier Reversible in motion:

Overall Impressions

The Click Carrier Reversible by ByKay is a fantastic choice for a busy parent on the go who doesn’t want to deal with unnecessary ties and straps.
I had concerns about the weight capacity of the carrier. But despite being lightweight, it can support up to 37 kg! And because the carrier is lightweight, it folds compactly, perfect for storing in a handbag, stroller compartment, or diaper bag.
As for the straps, I am proud to say that I can strap in the monster. I’ve also taken to side carrying on my hip, too.
The only drawback that I can honestly say is that there is no pocket to store my commuter pass and key. Luckily for me  little Kaiju is old enough to carry things. And even if I did have a pocket, I’m sure she’d still try to take the keys and train pass from me.
Overall, I’m very pleased with my Click Carrier Reversible. It’s a fashionable addition to my daily commute that has made baby wearing easier and stylish, too!
For more information on ByKay carriers and where to purchase a carrier of your own, check out their official website.

My New Baby Carrier: Reversible Click Carrier By ByKay


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